Toyota Hilux Review: Superior Driving Experience and Load Capacity

Are you looking for a Toyota Hilux for sale? The truck was recently awarded the “best international pickup” title in November 2021, which has sparked interest in these vehicles. However, what sets these JDM pickups apart from others on the market?

JDM Toyota Hilux pickups are highly sought-after by consumers due to their exceptional driving experience on various terrains, impressive load capacity, a wide range of variations, and a strong emphasis on safety. Unlike other automakers, Toyota focuses on enhancing the driving quality of its vehicles rather than solely their appearance.

We have comprehensively reviewed the Hilux truck to determine if this model is worth your investment.

A Comprehensive Review of Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a top choice for those seeking a reliable pickup truck. With a longstanding history of producing practical and durable vehicles, this Japanese brand has established a reputation for reliability.

The latest eighth-generation Hilux models feature enhanced power and cabin design, giving them a more purposeful appearance. These improvements reflect Toyota’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Read the review to get a thorough understanding of the features and benefits of the Toyota Hilux.

JDM Toyota Hilux
A 2016 model of Hilux Invincible. Image Credit: Vauxford / Wikimedia Commons

Build and Design

Regarding pickup trucks, the market is saturated with brands offering aggressive and flashy designs to catch consumers’ attention. On the other hand, Toyota has taken a different approach with its Toyota Hilux models. Rather than focusing solely on appearance, the automaker has prioritized road presence to ensure their vehicles are practical and visually appealing.

The latest Toyota Hilux model offers a grand, impressive three-dimensional grille, full-LED headlamps, an improved bumper, and 18-inch alloy wheels. Additionally, Toyota has listened to their consumers, and all models, except the entry-level ‘Extra Cab,’ now come with a Double Cab body design.

While the cabin design remains relatively consistent across all Hilux models, the latest generation features some notable improvements. These include a new central display for the analog instrument cluster, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring, a 60:40 split for added storage, and an upgraded audio system.

Driving Experience

When you want to buy a used Toyota Hilux trucks, the driving experience is a crucial factor to consider. Toyota has consistently impressed consumers with its commitment to delivering a superior driving experience.

The latest Hilux models feature a 2.8-liter diesel engine, which offers significant improvements in driving performance compared to its predecessors. With 500 Nm and 201bhp of torque, drivers can accelerate to 62 mph within ten seconds, more than 3 seconds faster than the previous 2.4-liter diesel engine. Also, you can choose between an automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual.

This powerful engine makes the trucks suitable for both personal and business use. Additionally, all Hilux variants feature 18″ super chrome alloy or 17″ machine-finished wheels. These tires provide a solid grip and stability to tackle all terrains.

Load Spaces and Lifespan

Regarding Toyota Hilux pickups, practicality and value reign supreme over flashy aesthetics. Toyota’s focus on function over form is evident in their models’ generous load bay spaces. Specifically, the Double Cab comes with the following:

  • 1515mm load space width
  • 1545mm load space length
  • 1100mm wheel arches
  • 1060 kg payload capacity
  • 450mm of loading height
  • 3.5-tonne towing ability

These specifications may vary, depending on the Double Cab model you choose or where you import Toyota Hilux from.

However, all Hilux variants come with a 20,000-mile or 24-month service facility and a 5-year or 100,000-mile warranty. It demonstrates Toyota’s commitment to providing its customers with a long-lasting and reliable vehicle.

Toyota Hilux for Sale: Models and Market Prices

The Toyota Hilux price is reasonable, with models ranging from $26,300 to $34,000 for Single, Double, and Extra Cab body styles. If your budget is limited, consider buying a used Toyota Hilux to save some money.

The ‘Invincible X’ Double Cab pickups are high-end and more expensive, while the mid-range models are the plusher ‘Invincible’ Double Cab variants. The latter features luxury amenities like push start buttons, automatic air conditioning, an 800W with-channel amplifier sound system, satellite navigation, and front and rear parking sensors.

On the other hand, the high-end variants feature exclusive exterior designs such as skid plates, tailgate designs, over-fenders, bespoke grilles, and front bumpers. The interior designs follow a dark chrome or black metallic theme.

Whether you opt for a new or used Toyota Hilux for sale, you can expect to enjoy a long lifespan.


Toyota Hilux has always been a top contender in the pickup market, offering unparalleled driving experience and exceptional load capacity compared to its competitors. While other manufacturers may offer more flashy designs, the Toyota Hilux makes up for it with its excellent performance and durability. And the best part? You can easily find a Toyota Hilux for sale, making it a convenient choice for those looking for a reliable pickup truck.