The sleek and stylish Toyota Wish.

The newest Toyota Wish is considered the sleek and stylish kid of the Toyota family, and with the selections of a 6 or 7-seater alternative, the Wish offers considerable room and it is a totally versatile vehicle.


New Toyota Wish possesses a distinctive design: the high power discharge headlamps are molded in a very sharp, wing-like style and call attention to the distinct, lengthened front of the motor vehicle. Toyota has also planned for optimal aerodynamics: with the elongated front side blending gracefully with the roof, the Wish glides easily through the air, and offers an effective drive.


For sure, the most attractive characteristic of the brand new Toyota Wish is definitely the vast amount of space. With the 6 or 7-seater alternative, the newest Toyota Wish comes fitted with luxurious and fully supportive car seats in all three rows. The floor is sizeable and ample all the way through the motor vehicle, granting for adequate legroom. The Toyota has in addition included a versatile design option to the Wish: a 50/50 split bench is available by simply adapting the 3rd row of seats. This can come in handy when that additional amount of space is needed for luggage or shopping bags. Toyota has added the plush touch to the Wish, and, depending on which version you are thinking about, there are choices of a 7-inch touch screen audio system with 6 speakers along with an Optitron Meter with Illumination Control.


The Toyota Wish is available in 1.8L and 2.0L variants. The new Toyota Wish has been specially designed to output optimum performance: the answer is located in Toyota’s trademark Valvematic technology. The Valvematic technology is an advancement on the VVT-i system: it combines constant valve lift control with VVT-i’s valve timing control, in that way delivering advanced power output and superior acceleration responsiveness, in conjunction with a notable decrease in fuel consumption. This technology has also been developed to allow for cleaner emissions. The newest Toyota Wish features a 7-speed Sports Sequential Shiftmatic transmission, providing the driver the pleasure of gentle gear shifts and a smooth drive. Depending on the alternative of Toyota Wish, there is also the choice of the Smart Entry and Push Start system, which is Toyota’s keyless entry and start system.


Remembering the possibility of transporting up to 7 passengers at a time, Toyota has developed the Wish with extremely high safety standards. The newest Toyota Wish comes fully fitted with ten SRS airbags: dual front, front side, front, middle and rear curtain shield airbags. The front car seats of the recent Toyota Wish have been crafted with active headrests: these cushion and completely support the head, neck and upper back of the front passenger and vehicle driver, in the case of a collision.

The cost, partnered with all of the performance, style and safety characteristics on offer, makes the brand new Toyota Wish an budget friendly automobile which is suitable for a family or even as a small company car.

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