Love a Good Scare? Check These 10 Scary Cars

Cars can be scary from specific perspectives, such as performance, safety, security, and external look. Moto lovers, experts, and reviewers find some automobiles so terrifying that they could be the perfect match for Halloween. Curious about those scary cars? Keep reading.

The List of Top Ten Scary Cars

If you are willing to know about scary cars, check out the top ten models of this variant.

1. Land Rover Series I

The 1949 Land Rover Series I is a rugged car for off-road purposes. Even the most experienced drivers call it a scary vehicle. Driving this one requires advanced skills.

The automobile has rigid control units like a clutch, gear shifting system, steering wheel, brakes, etc. This car is best suited for off-road adventures. Hence, it is equipped with such rock-solid parts.

Pushing the clutch requires firm legs. Operating the steering wheel will feel like moving through thick liquids like molten pitch or deep mud puddles.

2. Mercury Marauder

The car showcases the Ford Panther platform with a dark finish. Some Halloween special editions available with aftermarket parts could send chills down their spine. Its scary versions include black tinted windows, radiator side grille, taillights, headlights, and pillars.

The Marauder comes with a V8 4.6L engine that could generate power up to 302 HP at 5750 rotations per minute (RPM). It has a max torque of 318 Lb.-Ft.

scary cars
A Mercury Marauder. (Credit: jason goulding / Wikimedia Commons)

3. Porsche 911 Turbo

This vehicle comes with a powerful engine on the rear wheels. Porsche 911 Turbo is the scariest car because of its handling complexities. The vehicle tends to “oversteer,” which is an industry term for the drive train’s sensitivity to steering input from the driver.

Drivers always have to stay super cautious while driving this car. When you corner fast and let go of the gas, the car could go into a swing. Later revisions included more control, but the earlier versions remain the scariest.

4. Plymouth 1965–1974

If there is a scary car from the performance viewpoint, Plymouth Satellite will top the list. The vehicle is so chilling in terms of speed that certain race events discontinued its participation in the early 1970s.

With a high-tech aerodynamic body design, the car could regularly reach 200mph. The vehicle weighs a whopping 3008 lbs with a rear-wheel-drive front mount engine. The monster version of this car comes with a 425 BHP 7.0 L V8 engine.

5. Infiniti Q60

The Q60 comes with the manufacturer’s Direct Adaptive Steering system. The company claims that this is the world’s first digitally controlled handling with a self-adaptive system.

The engine of this vehicle is a twin-turbo V6 that delivers 300 HP in its standard form. A seven-speed automatic transmission system controls the massive power that the V6 engine produces.

The handling of the vehicle is the toughest among the scary cars. The car lacks adequate body controls in corners at high speed. The front axle feels like lagging during stiff steering control.

6. Phantom 1938 Corsair

The vehicle comes with a Cord 810/812 chassis. It is a front-wheel-drive that produces 190-hp power from its 4.7-liter V8 engine. The car weighs about 4,600 lbs. and can attain a speed of 115-mph.

It portrays an extravagant body from the outside, and the interior can accommodate up to six passengers. The car’s exterior comes with a slick black finish. The outer body showcases pointy ends at both front and back sides.

7. Vintage Argentinian Funeral Car

Funeral cars are dreary for most people but the Vintage Argentinian Funeral Car is the next-level scary. The exterior body design sports carved wood overlays, spreading a creepy vibe. There is a stylish pompadour above the driver cabin, which is responsible for creating spine-chilling vibes.


8. 2018 CTS-V Cadillac

Cadillac CTS-V is a General Motor vehicle built on the GM Alpha sedan platform. It is a high-performance car that features a pushrod OHV-V8 powerplant and a racing-tuned suspension. It has an aerodynamic finish on the exterior with pointy headlights at its front. The vehicle gives a spooky look even in the rearview mirror.

9. 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor

It is a monster truck and drives like a heavy vehicle. The vehicle is for off-road touring that can take the passenger to any corner of the country. The muscular body, wide built, and large wheels could give anyone chills if they see it on Halloween night.

10. Rolls-Royce Phantom 1935

It is a classic coupe with a strong and sleek black exterior finish. Four bumpy wheel covers give the car its frightening curves. The imposing length and oversized front grills make it a terrifying piece of a vehicle.


Not all cars look sleek and beautiful from the outside and feel comfortable from the inside. If you are not fond of the traditional looks of motor vehicles, choose one from these top ten scary cars.