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Volkswagen Group Engines: Knowing Out the Gems

An engine is the heart of a vehicle that determines the overall performance. That is why we always look for the specification other than the exteriors of a car. Talking about Volkswagen today, the automobile brand has made some of the best engines that are worth sharing. Even after all these years, these Volkswagen Group engines are the true charm of Volkswagen and a treasure to hold on. Let’s see what these picks are and savor yourself being a Volkswagen fan.

Some of the Most Impressive Volkswagen Group Engines

Let us present you some of the Volkswagen Group engines that are worth considering. See what technologies they use and how do they differ in terms of performance.


The engine was fitted in a Volkswagen Passat that was the passenger car – perfect for a family. The 4.0-liter W8 engine was enough to produce 202 kilowatts with a torque of 2,750 rpm. This one of the Volkswagen Group engines added up a two-stage resonance induction system that gave it a quite good boost for speed. It was also known for its fuel efficiency to some extent that used to charge somewhat more maintenance to serve well.

Volkswagen Group engines for better performance
Volkswagen Group engines to reveal now  (Photo Source: drive2)

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They implement the engine with VR technology. The V6 engine made it efficient for the performance at a reduced cost. People recognize engine by its high pitched bubbly noise. The VR5 engine undoubtedly was a supercharged invention that worked incredibly well in the automobiles. It was actually derived from V6, it stayed on three cylinders, resting two on one side and one on another. It worked on the principle 2.3-liter gasoline engine that was also introduced in Passat in 1997.


The entire beauty exists in the way that it bolt two VR6s at the crankshaft. The 6.0L was enough to offer you almost 600 horses that was an amazing score at that time in 2001. The engine got settle down in Bentleys where this technology showed the magic.They installed it in two different versions which were three banks of four cylinders and four rows of three cylinders. In the beginning, the engine was equipped in a Volkswagen Nardò W12 Coupé that was based on the rear-wheel-drive mechanism.


Like the W12 engine, the beauty of this engine existed in two V8s that were joined at the crank. It was four banks of four cylinders, it initially went to Bugatti Veyron and then adopted by 1200hp Chiron as well. For the sake of turbo, the engine managed very well while delivering the expected technology too. For the size, it was 28 inches long with a weight of 882 lb. The maximum torque was of 1,250-newton meters, a huge for the ancient times.


This was one of the basic engines from Volkswagen, but still, there was something about it. They bring it to the passenger cars with two variations and the second one was an upgrade over the previous one. It was a 1.8T and a 2.0T, and later it reached to a 2.5L engine. They installed this version in vehicles like Mazda’s 2.5L i4 and Honda’s K engine (2.4L) along with some other creations. In terms of reliability and fuel efficiency, the engine was a good one.


Volkswagen was ready to give the ride a cloud 9 experience with its new V12 TDI. No need to hunch over specifications, the engine was powerful enough to produce 500hp and 738 lb-ft of torque. This one got into a diesel car, and for the speed, it was insanely amazing. The economy thing in 2008 ruined the plan on the delivery to the US states, but still, it was an engine of the dreams. Know more about maintaining your engine well by visiting Maintenance Tips.

2.0T I4

The base engine was a 2.0 L FSI engine from which the 2.0T I4 came. By this time the engine rocks almost every Volkswagen, SEAT, and Audi like vehicles. Even after all these years the engine is still going well with its versatility. It gets fit to subcompacts and the three-row SUVs like Atlas as well. For reliability and performance, it is really winning up all the battles.

Some Fun Facts About Volkswagen

  • The brand was known as people’s car as the Nazi leader wanted it to be the car of a family.
  • Adolf Hitler found the brand in 1937. A whole city was built as a residence for the workers and the factory itself.
  • Brands like Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, and Bentley are parts of the Volkswagen.
  • It employs nearly 600,000 as per the report of 2015, and hence it becomes one of the world’s largest employers.
  • The company not only manufactures big trucks but also arranges the race.
What do you need to know about Volkswagen Group engines
Volkswagen Group engines (Photo Source: wallpaperaccess)


These were some of the truly amazing Volkswagen Group engines. Every single has its own advantages and features. Different engine has a variety of things for which we can consider them. We hope you would love reading all these.

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