Why Do Birds Poop On Red Cars?

If you own a red colored car; you have faced the situation of a bird flying by and dropping its poop on the hood. It is annoying behavior and has many vehicle owners asking, why do birds poop on red cars more than another colored vehicle. Birds poop as a flight adaptation to reduce body weight. Many car owners wonder why they poop only on red colored cars.

Why Do Birds Poop On Red Color Cars?

A study conducted with more than 1000 cars revealed that 18% of the poop felt on red cars, 14% on blue, 11% on black, 7% on white, 3% on grey and silver cars, and 1% on green cars. In short, birds preferred the red color as compared to others as the place to let go.

1. Why Only Red?

Car owners do not understand why do birds poop on red cars more than other colors. Some wonder if the color red is their favorite. Birds have a keen vision as compared to human beings in detecting colors.

The color red attracts the majority of birds. Red is also the color of a ripened fruit. The reflection of the red color draws them, and they sit on the tree above the car. The frequency of finding bird poop on a red car is more than a different colored vehicle. The green color does not have any effect on the birds. It is an abundant color in nature. Colors including white, grey, and silver instill fear in birds. The response also depends on the species of bird. For example, the crow is scared of red, and black, while pigeons can comfortably sit on white and grey buildings.

Red attracts birds (Photo Source: shuttershock)


2. What The Car Owners Say?

A survey conducted in Britain asked car drivers how quickly they removed the bird droppings from the car. 17% stated that they cleaned the deposits immediately, 20% said they cleaned it within a few days, while the majority of 55% said that they waited until the next car wash. One of the questions posed to the drivers included their opinion on what color cars do bird poop on the most.

A Lexus driver stated that birds pooped on newly polished cars. The birds saw their reflection in these cars. A Ford Focus owner said that birds gave a violent reaction to darker colors. An Alfa Romeo owner said that it depended on where the owner parked the car. Meanwhile, a Mercedes driver stated blue as the worst color as it reminded birds of water. You can browse online to find the best maintenance tips for keeping your car clean of any spots.

Dark color raises aggression in birds (Photo Source: shuttershock)

Summing Up

We hope that you have understood the reason behind why do birds poop on red cars. In case, you are still unsure about why it happens, read the information above. It will help you understand why it happens.