What Is The Wheelbase Measurement?

Nowadays, not all drivers can master car terms with ease. There are so many things to remember and keep your eyes close. Currently, there are quite a few deep-technical phrases about cars that not everyone knows. There are words even you have seen a few times. Their meaning may be a bit vague to you. Have you ever come across the phrase wheelbase measurement? And what is the wheelbase measurement? Let’s find out from above in the article below with Car From Japan!

What Is The Wheelbase Measurement?

When choosing a car, the wheelbase is one of the worth-to-consider factors because this is not only a number representing the style and class of a car model but also has many meanings.

In terms of wheelbase, this is the distance between the two hubs of the front and rear car wheels. For trucks, the wheelbase is the distance between the front drive axle and the midpoint of the rear axle. In the case of wheelbase measurement trucks with more than two axles, the wheelbase will be calculated based on the distance between the steering axle and the midpoint of the two rear axles.

The wheelbase length measurement plays an important role and determines the size of the passenger compartment, the turning radius as well as the kinetic stability of the vehicle. Depending on the design target, operating speed, and terrain conditions of the vehicle operating, that specific size parameter will be calculated as the most appropriate to each type of user’s needs.

Meaning of Car Wheelbase Measurement

After answering the question of what is the wheelbase measurement above, it may be a suitable time for you to find out more about the car wheelbase and wheelbase measurement meanings.

For passenger compartment space

The larger the wheelbase, the longer the chassis, and the more spacious the passenger compartment. With the above meaning, when buying a car, compare models in the same segment with the same money range. If you want to achieve greater comfort in interior spaciousness, you should choose the best model owning a large wheelbase.

car wheelbase measurement
The larger the car’s wheelbase to overall size ratio, the more optimized the passenger compartment is. (Photo: lawandbiodigest)

For performance

Not only determines the passenger compartment, but the wheelbase also has a direct influence on the size of the turning radius and the dynamic stability of the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle class (model), terrain conditions, and speed, the wheelbase and related car dimensions will be calculated by the manufacturer to be suitable.

Terrain conditions

With cars manufactured to “specialize” in complex and rough terrain, they must have a short wheelbase. The short wheelbase reduces the distance of the axles to the car’s center of gravity to give the vehicle greater flexibility because of the larger horizontal/vertical rollover angles, and the approach and overtaking angles. The top of the slope will increase significantly when combined with the high ground clearance. This will result in an SUV that doesn’t mind any terrain.


For cars that are determined to operate frequently at high speeds and have “tough” cornering phases, the vehicle needs to increase the wheelbase and lower the height of the chassis, and the distance from wheel axles to the vehicle’s center of gravity farther.

The act will help the car to accelerate or decelerate more firmly and smoothly. In addition, the body is also more stable thanks to the low center of gravity and better aerodynamics that increase traction and stable operation.

The ratio of wheelbase to the overall vehicle size

The larger wheelbase to the overall size ratio, the more optimized the passenger compartment is. However, the stable performance will be a bit less and balance will be loose in the overall design. Therefore, small cars specialized for moving in the city will have two axles stretched and maximally close to the rear bumper. Specifically, the sedan models are extremely comfortable in terms of overall size, so the appearance is also more balanced and slim.

For example, Kia Morning has a wheelbase/overall length ratio of 2385/3595 mm, reaching 66.34%, while this ratio in Toyota Camry is 2775/4850 mm, reaching 57.22%.

What Factors Does The Car Wheelbase Affect?

Design of the car

Typically, automakers will try to design as optimally as possible so that their car has the long wheelbase in the segment. This act makes interior design easy. However, a vehicle with a wheelbase that is too long will lead to imbalance.

Minimum turning radius

The wheelbase also determines the minimum turning radius. The narrower the car, the more flexible and agile it is. While the car with a long wheelbase will have to deal with difficulties. Not to mention, putting cars in standard parking lots has also become much more difficult.

Interior space

A car with a long wheelbase will have plenty of space for rows of seats and can seat more people in the same row.

Wrapping Up On The Wheelbase Measurement

Hopefully, the above article can help you gain more helpful knowledge about what is the wheelbase measurement and the importance of mastering this knowledge. Stay alert and consider every aspect, from the wheelbase to the tiniest details within the interior to get the most suitable car for you and your family!