What is Hypermiling? Some Tips for Saving Fuel

Due to the high fuel price, many people may think that the only way to save money is by leaving the car in the garage. But public transport is not always reliable, so you need to use personal vehicle to go somewhere at your discretion. The good news is saving fuel and keeping the expenses under control is possible by following a technique called hypermiling. In case if you are not familiar with this term, let’s learn what is hypermiling and how you can implement the hypermiling technique.

What is Hypermiling?

In simple words, hypermiling is a method for reducing fuel consumption while driving. It involves various energy-efficient driving techniques that increase a vehicle’s mileage. This smart driving technique helps you save money, even when you are not driving the most energy-efficient cars in the market.

what is hypermiling driving
Hypermiling is about saving fuel. Source: Pxfuel

How to Hypermile: Efficient Ways to Save Fuel

So, you might be thinking what is hypermiling driving? It’s not a single but a handful of driving practices that are useful in saving fuel. Follow these hypermiling tips to make the most use of a tank full of gas.

Do not drive for a short distance.

Avoid driving your vehicle for a short distance. Instead, take a bike or walk on foot. You may also use any form of public transport, like a bus.

Make sure to service your car regularly.

It ensures the maximum efficiency of the car. Check tire pressure and keep the tires aligned. Turn off the AC and keep windows and sunroof closed to increase the mileage.

Plan the routes.

Whenever you need to travel, plan the route by using different online map services. Choose the shortest route while keeping probable traffic situation into consideration.


Be careful when driving.

Concentrate on traffic lights, junctions, and speed limits while driving. Anticipating the conditions of the road ahead will help you to adjust car speed accordingly.

Drive lightweight.

Put minimum weight on your car by discarding anything excess like pushchairs, bags, roof rack, etc.

Don’t brake often.

The more you push on the brake pedal, the more fuel your car will consume. Try to break less during driving to save fuel.

Drive at a slow speed.

Simply by reducing 10 km/h speed, you can achieve a significant improvement in the fuel cost. Also, always drive by steering smoothly and throttling gently. These actions will maintain energy efficiency by keeping the car stable.

how to hypermile
Drive slow and carefully. Source: Sean Gallup | Getty Images

Turn off the engine every time you stop the car.

Whenever you need to stop somewhere on the road, turn off the engine to save fuel. However, be careful about parking. Park in a space where you can drive forward. Reversing consumes more fuel.

Use multiple vehicles.

If you have a parking facility near your destination, carry a bike. If you need to make some errands, park the car in the parking lot and use the bike.


Hypermiling is a common practice used by the drivers to prevent spending a fortune on fuel. Not every car is energy efficient, but knowing what is hypermiling and following these driving strategies, you can cut the monthly fuel costs considerably.