What is Good Gas Mileage for Your Vehicle? Everything you Need to Know!

A good gas mileage simply means less gas consumption for a larger per mile distance. Let’s suppose your vehicle has a 30MPG, it clearly means your vehicle travels a distance of 30 mileages per 1 gallon of gas. However, to find out what a good gas mileage actually is, you need to consider a myriad of significant factors counting the kind of vehicle concerned. Let’s explore out further what is good gas mileage for your vehicle type.

What is Good Gas Mileage?

Gas Mileage is usually measured in MPG .i.e. miles per gallon. This means a number of miles a vehicle can generally travel per gallon of gas. MPG is typically high on highway conditions than in the metropolis. Earlier, the range of gas mileage for vehicles on the road was <20MPG (equal to 14.0 liters per 100 kilometers) to >40MPG (equal to 7.0 liters per 100 kilometers)

One can also measure the gas mileage in terms of GPM .i.e. number of gallons needed by a car to move 100 miles. GPM is more helpful in calculating the right fuel efficiency of a vehicle with respect to other considerations.

Know the affecting what is good gas mileage
What is good gas mileage for your car? Source: Honda 

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Ways to Determining a Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

There are various factors responsible for determining the gas mileage of your automobile. A few of the most important are:

1. Type of Vehicle

The type of car is the first factor responsible for identifying if it possesses a good gas mileage or not. Essentially, smaller engines provide better mileage than bigger ones. It is because of the vehicle weight factor versus engine size. Therefore, the smaller the car’s engine, the less weight it will carry. As a result, less fuel will be required to operate.

2. Kind of Fuel Used

what is good gas mileage
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Another factor liable for a good gas mileage is the type of fuel used by your vehicle. This is because different types of fuels are needed to operate different vehicles. A great fuel helps to diminish the friction in your car’s engine and can make a lot of difference in the gas mileage. To know which type of fuel you should use for your vehicle, read on some car maintenance tips by the auto experts.

3. Fuel Octane

The fuel octane’s rating affects the gas mileage of your vehicle. The octane value helps to tell the rate at which gas burns in the engine based on the fuel reduction to additive ratio. More octane means less burning, which in turn means efficient running of your car.

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4. Type of Driving Condition

Another topic affecting the gas mileage of your vehicle is the driving condition. You need to travel either on the streets or on highways. Generally, our cars provide better gas mileage on the highways rather than on the street conditions. Usually, the gas mileage on the highway is 3 to 5 miles more than street driving.

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Now, you might be aware of what is good gas mileage. You can expect higher gas mileage from a well-maintained car than the same brand and model car. So, try to keep your car well maintained to have a good gas mileage.