Why Does The Car Temperature Gauge Go Up So Soon?

The advancement in automobile technology has made car overheating an obsolete issue. One still cannot ignore that the probability of your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere still exists. The problem of the car temperature gauge, suddenly pointing up is again happening with many car owners. You would end up paying a hefty sum to take care of the issue.

Why Does the Car Temperature Gauge Go Up – Know Here

When your car shows signs of overheating, make sure to check the temperature gauge. It is the first one to go upwards in such circumstances. When the gauge sign crosses the optimal mark, you should take note. We recommend you browse online to find the best car maintenance tips for keeping your vehicle in good shape.

Given below are the four reasons why your car temperature gauge goes up so soon.

Low Coolant Level

The most common cause of your car overheating is the low coolant level. The coolant agent is responsible for removing heat from the car engine. If the coolant reserve were empty, you would need to refill it as soon as possible.

One more reason for this issue is the leakage of coolant in the car water pump, heater core, freeze plugs, cylinder heads and block, head gasket, thermostat housing, and automatic transmission oil cooler. It is the first reason why your car temperature gauge goes up so soon.

Car temperature gauge
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Radiator Fan Failure

The primary function of the radiator fan is drawing cold air into the car radiator when you are not driving the car too fast. We would suggest you look under the hood to make sure the radiator fan is running. You should check the air conditioning unit of the car and try turning it on. If it does not work, you have a faulty radiator fan in your vehicle.

Faulty Water Pump

The water pump is the heart of the car’s cooling system. Its primary function is to propel the coolant throughout the cooling system. The water pump can malfunction at times. It would lead to improper coolant flow. The reasons for the failure of the water pump malfunction include seal leakage, shaft breakage, and casting breakage. It is one of the reasons why your car temperature gauge suddenly goes up.

Head Gasket Failure

A failure of the head gasket is one of the worst possible conditions responsible for your car’s temperature gauge goes all the way up. Head gasket is a crucial element of the car engine, which forms a seal between the engine block and cylinder head. It seals the combustion chamber, coolant, and engine oil pass. Damage to the head gasket can lead to severe issues with your car.


When your car temperature gauge starts pointing to the other extreme, it is time for you to take it to the nearest car service expert to resolve the issue on time.