What Happens When Car Oil Is Not Changed Regularly

Just like blood inside your body, car oil is equally important to engine. Car oil helps engine run smoothly and accurately. But the oil cannot stay clean itself, and it is your job to change it for your car’s sake. Changing car’s oil irregularly will reduce car working efficiency, working ages and many more.

Hidden Dangers For Not Changing Car Oil Regularly

No matter how modern the car is, you will send it to the grave early if not changing lubricant every 10000 miles. It is the key factor to smooth the impact between metals. And as many drivers does not know, the impacts of old car’s oil to their vehicles are much worse:

Reduce Car Engine Working Efficiency

car engine
Old car oil creates difficulties for engine (photo source: http://www.tcservicecenter.com/engine.jpg)

After a long time servicing, the heat in the working process will burn away all the coolant, which make the engine hotter. Old oil is one of the reasons of engine overheating. This not only reduces the working efficiency of car engine, but also makes the engine hotter and damages other car parts.

Create Dirt Inside Engine

dirt on engine
Horrible scene for all lazy drivers ! (photo source: piximus)

In working process, engine details parts will be damaged which lead to abrasion. Not only that, high temperature from the oil will also create dirt. Normally, these dirt will be collected under the hand of “oil filter” to avoid sticking under car engine. However, if car owners are too lazy to change the oil, the leftover car’s oil might be too little to “transport” all the dirty dirt to the filter.

Why we need to filter these dirt? You can see the horror from the image upward. The dirt will firmly stick on the engine and slowly destroy it if drivers wait too long to change car oil.

Release Polluted Smoke

exhausting smoke
Imagine a luxury car letting out black smoke, terrible right? (photo source: thingsautos)

The older the oil, the easy it burns and release toxic smoke. If you are the big fan of environment, this is the huge problem! Drivers should change car’s oil often as new oil creates less exhausting black smoke.

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Consume More Fuels

oil affects fuel consumption
Old car oil actually affects fuel-consumption (photo source: Dmitry Kalinovsky)

After driving for a long time, the lubrication effect of the oil has been decreased. As the result, car engine will be much hotter when working, which consume more fuels. So if you do not want to lose a huge amount of cash from gas bill, change the oil regularly !

Reduce Car Age

old car
Change car oil regularly or change your car regularly (photo source: Kevin/Flickr)

This is by far the most common reason why your car breaks down so early. Irregularly oil changing not only decreases engine working efficiency but also scratches and damages other important vehicle parts. Not to mention, if your car runs out of oil, car owners might need to replace engine to the new one.