Premium Gas- Is it Good to Use When Car Recommends Regular Gas?

Most car manufacturers recommend using regular gas in the engine. Even the newest cars, only 18 percent of them need premium gas. Whether you should inject premium gas or regular gas, it gets clear before purchasing the particular car when you go into the details.

So chance are you already which type of gas your manufacturer recommends. Even then you may think filling up the premium gas for the sake of performance and mileage.

So, let’s get to know further if using premium gas would really bring some benefits-

Should You Use Premium Gas When Regular is Recommended?

The short answer is “No.” Using premium gas will bring no benefits, it will only make you spend more unnecessarily. In fact, most of the owners waste about $2 billion a year by using premium gas and thinking that it has significant advantages over regular.

The regular gas is recommended for your car because its engine is designed in a way that it would respond fine with regular gas only. Every gas has a specific chemical equation, and a regular engine only understands regular gas to work to its full potential.

Premium Gas
Premium gas contains higher octane rating than natural gas. Source: MenaTrack


Even if you think that you are giving better treatment to your car, you are doing nothing, but spending more money for no good use. So, one should not think about using premium gas when car recommends to use regular.

How Does a Regular Gas Differ from Premium Gas?

The difference between these two gases lies because of the octane rating. Octane is a way to measure the resistance power of the fuel against engine knock when used at higher RPM. So, people may think that since premium gas contains higher octane rating that is about 91 or 93, it is going to perform better than regular gas that comes with an octane rating of 87.

If your engine responds the fuel blend with natural gas, it may not do that very well when you would use premium gas. You need to understand that terms like “premium” or “regular” do not make a difference, but what does is the chemical composition of these two gases.

Using premium gas doesn’t bring enhances acceleration or fuel economy. It does nothing but may harm your engine’s efficiency, and make you visit the repairer. Also, if you go for premium gas because it seems to clean deposits from your fuel injectors more efficiently, this is not the case. Natural gas too has these additives that clean the fuel injectors!

By spending on premium gas, the only thing that happens is that you spend the money unnecessarily. There are no practical benefits of filling up with premium gas because the engine is simply not made to endure any gas other than regular. Boost your vehicle’s performance by having these Maintenance Tips.

Premium Gas
Premium gas charges $2.34 per gallon. Cre: Joshua Rainey Photography 


Premium is expensive, and there is no doubt in that. The manual does not recommend or even the manufacturer, one should not make an unnecessary expenditure. Regular gas charges $1.86 per gallon that is 48 cents less than premium gas that charges $2.34 per gallon. This is not a small difference when you fill up your tank regularly. Think about it and use natural gas only when it is recommended.