Type Of Car Doors Ever Launched By Automotive Industry

Automotive industry or different automobile companies always bring innovation to attract more buyers. These modernism come in different forms, and for instance, the type of car doors. Other than the specifications such as the engine or horsepower, appearance matters too and a car enthusiast always takes care of that.

Knowing the fact, automobile companies tweak the exteriors to call more enthusiasts to their brand. Doors are something that always grabs others’ attention and make you the center of attraction. Hence, in all these years, different car doors have made their place. Today, we are going to know about all these doors. So, let’s get onto it now!

Type Of Car Doors: From Scissor To Sliding

If we leave the conventional car doors, there are other types of doors such as Scissor, canopy, gullwing, suicide, butterfly, and more. All have their pros and cons other than the purpose.

1. Scissor Doors

The most captivating type of car doors in terms of a car’s entrance is the scissor door. Only the premium brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren feature scissor doors in their cars. So those who love owning any model from the premium brands are definitely going to be blessed with scissor doors.

The door uses a hinge at the front of the door, so instead of going outwards, the flap goes up creating a scissor-like effect. The very first scissor door was launched with the brand Alfa Romeo Carabo concept in 1968.

These doors can be very useful in countries where parking spaces are tight. As they are not an exception to the downsides, scissor doors can be sometimes difficult to open. The door when goes up can get blocked by the parking ceiling.

 type of car doors- the explanation
These doors can be very useful in countries where parking spaces are tight (Photo Source: alamy)

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2. Canopy Doors

It is a car door that opens up like a canopy, and due to the effect, it looks attractive. The door opens up in a way that it gets placed over the car and stays there until you close it down. A car with canopy concept can be extremely useful when you have to park the car inches away from other vehicles. As the door goes over the car, you can hop out without having to look at the sides that you do in conventional doors.

However, the tight ceiling space can be an issue if you own a car with canopy doors. The door is again a matter of premium cars only and whether you want to go with it or not it depends on your preferences. In bad weather such as rain, it is impossible to enter or exit the car without getting interiors ruined.

3. Gullwing Doors

As the name, the seagull wings are the inspiration behind the idea. Many brands nowadays such as Mercedes, Tesla, DMC, feature the gullwing doors. The hinge of the door stays mounted on the top of the roof. It is a car door that opens upward; during the opening, the two doors spread a bit more in width and run on the top of the car taking the wings-like position.

The concept is cool and saves you parking space if there is no issue with the ceiling’s height. The doors make it impossible to open up in the event of a crash. However, Mercedes SLS eliminated the issue with the explosive bolts that detach the doors so the passengers can find the way out.

4. Butterfly Doors

 type of car doors- the guide
The innovation is again for premium models instead of regular ones (Photo Source: autoevolution)

 Butterfly door offers a look that seems identical to scissor doors. The innovation is again for premium models instead of regular ones. The door’s hinge is mounted on the A-pillar of the car instead of the front of the door. It is one of the cars with doors that go up and a bit wider than scissor providing a great entry and exit space.

The door because of its opening mechanism needs more parking space than the scissor door. Those who can afford style over practicality can go for butterfly doors. Models such as Mercedes Benz SLR, McLaren F1, and some others embed these doors.

5. Coach Doors Or Suicide Doors

Of course, these doors were not introduced as suicide doors. However, the opening and closing mechanism was later observed and the style was named suicide by public. The concept was introduced as Coach or Flex doors.

The front doors open normally just like the conventional doors however the rear doors mount the hinge on the rear side of the door. It makes the door prone to accidents because the airflow does not work right with the direction.

Passengers were pulled outside because of the airflow when they were trying to close the door. Similarly, if the hinge malfunctions and the door opens up, the passenger can easily be dragged outside, and again, the airflow is responsible for that.

6. Swan Doors

 type of car doors that are hot as hell
You can easily open swan doors as per the space available next to your car (Photo Source: cars-wallpaper)

Swan is one of the car door styles that make everyone gaze when the doors are all opened. The principle works similarly to conventional doors except the swan mechanism makes them open a bit wider outward. Style is the primary factor here, and to some extent, they save parking space as well regardless of the height of the ceiling. You can easily open swan doors as per the space available next to your car.

There are some cars in the market such as Aston Martin DB9, Rapide, GTA Spano, and Jaguar C-X 75, etc. that use Swan Doors. Get to know if your car needs a tuneup here Maintenance Tips.

7. Sliding Doors

When we talk about sliding doors, there is not a particular type. With the advancement in technology, there are several types of sliding used for the doors. The simplest one comes with Maruti Omni that you manually slide in and out. Then some sliding doors are introduced in premium automobiles as well. These doors remain in-built that slides from their space and go back to form a wing-like position.

In the ultra-advanced cars such as Yo Mobile, nothing comes in and out but the doors go backward and forward. As the doors go diagonally backward, there should be enough space in the back while parking.

 type of car doors that will change the way you look at these cars
These doors remain in-built that slides from their space and go back to form a wing-like position (Photo Source: wikimedia)


These different type of car doors look cool and save you space in tight parking. Though they come with their downsides, you should always make a decision based on the geographical location or the streets you would be driving on. We hope you enjoyed knowing these exotic car doors. Make regular visits and get to know more about the cars.