Tips to Keeping Car Interior Clean and Fresh

Hauling the family right from those calming long trips or maybe to the mall nearby can sound amazing. But in between what gets messier with time is your vehicle. No matter how long or short the trip is the car will always be full of stuff that can make the interiors of the car dirtier than the last trip. So what’s the solution to this? Of course, everyone must understand that keeping car interior clean is a must. But the question is how exactly! How can one keep the interiors of the vehicle clean and fresh?

Well here are the perfect things that you should follow to maintain the cleanliness inside your car.

Keeping Car Interior Clean – The Tricks!

Nobody likes to travel with that filthy odor inside the car, and no driver would like to see the messed up vehicle anyway. So, why not follow these tricks to make your car a better place to travel in.

1. Don’t Let Stains Stay There

Wipe off those dirty marks or stains on the car as soon as you see it. Greasy oil or oily stain can stay there forever, if not cleaned. Why not take a soft cloth and clean that stains right there to ensure the car doesn’t smell or look bad. Even kids often color the windows with crayons or pen ink, which can leave permanent marks inside the car. Why not clean it with a mix of water and baking soda to get rid of stains quickly. In short, you must not let those marks stay inside the car in any situation. Keeping car interior clean is important.

KEEPING CAR INTERIOR CLEAN immediately when you spot stains (Photo Source: auto)

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2. Kick Off The Trash

One of the biggest mistakes every car owner do is leaving that trash or empty cans inside the vehicle. This can lead to more mess in the car, making it appear bad and unclean. Take some time to clean up the trash by picking up all the loose pieces of junk in the car. For this, you can simply wear your safety gloves to avoid any cuts on the hands. Begin with the floor and then move your way ahead. Always check seat pockets, door pockets, beneath the seats area, between the seats, seat belts, and every area that you might think can make your car look dirty or smell filthy. Don’t let “how to clean interiors of car” question trouble you.

3. Thorough Vacuuming Is The Key

Facts say that while traveling your car will have to bear the most of the debris and dirt. It will happen no matter what. So the key to get rid of that dirt and dust is to clean the car thoroughly. No matter how busy your schedule is, keep some time aside to vacuum your car. And it should not be simple cleaning, it has to be through to wipe off every bit of dust and dirt that is inside the car. Even the cracks and small nooks have to be checked. What you can do for thorough cleaning is that remove the covers of the seat and even the mats to ensure that everything is cleaned properly. Use the thick brush for the mats and seat covers, but opt for a softer brush to clean the windows and door. Utilize the best car vacuum to clean it properly.

4. Never Smoke In The Car

This particular activity has been injurious to health and even to your vehicle as well. in case, you are smoking inside the vehicle, the smell is going to stay there for a very long time. It will certainly be absorbed by different areas of the car and begin to spread, if not cleaned on time. Not just smoking, even food inside your vehicle will make it smell bad. So no matter if you are on a smaller trip or longer it is always recommended to avoid smoking or eating inside the vehicle, besides following certain essential maintenance tips to avoid other strange smells.

No smoke for KEEPING CAR INTERIOR CLEAN (Photo Source: reddit)

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Summing Up

It is therefore recommended to be careful while eating or drinking inside the car. Keeping car interiors clean is easy if you keep these points in mind while traveling, eating, and drinking inside the vehicle. So stay clean and keep your vehicle clean as well.