8 Tips For Cleaning Your Car To Have A Sparkle-clean And Spotless Interior

Cleaning your car is not a task to put off until it becomes unbearable. Some people usually focus on the exterior part forgetting they’d spend most of their time inside it. Even though you’re quite busy, cleaning your car on a regular basis will maintain its value and extend its life span. It will prevent any unpleasant odors from plaguing the inside of your vehicle. You want your car’s interior to be sparkling clean especially if it’s like your second home because of the nature of your job. Here are six cleaning tips that would make your interior spotless.

Get The Right Equipment

To ensure that your car is properly cleaned, you need to invest in the most reliable and durable equipment. This includes but is not limited to a rubber and absorbent mitt, an extractor vacuum cleaner, an upholstery protector, and a microfiber towel for instance.  Make sure you do a bit of research when using Scotchgard to clean so you know what surfaces you can apply it on.  Most of this equipment is non-abrasive and hence, would not damage the surface or your hands. They would help you remove any dirt or stains that may cause bad odors and they’re also easy to clean. Using the right equipment always makes the task at hand easy so you really should do some asking around before purchase.

car interior cleaning
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Gather The Trash

Before you go about scrubbing your car, gather the trash first. All those empty takeaway cups and wrappers should be thrown away before they become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Gather them from the floorboards, door pockets, cup holders, and seat pockets. In other words, be thorough whilst doing this. Put them in a garbage bag that can later be disposed of in the nearest public garbage bin or recycled. You can also vacuum your seats to remove any crumbs or debris.

Remove and Clean the Floor Mats

They are perhaps one of the dirtiest areas in your car. The floor mats can be full of debris and grime that would definitely affect your car’s interior if not removed and cleaned regularly. You should take them out and wash them on a gentle cycle with highly diluted detergent and cold water. Vacuum them to get rid of any loose dirt particles before putting them back in the car.

If the mats are with rubber, vinyl, or silicone materials, use a hose to wash away excess soil from them. Prepare a solution of warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a bucket. Place a scrub brush into the solution and use it to clean the mats. Rinse the mats well and air-dry them before you place them back in the car.

Clean the Interior Windows and Mirror

Water and ammonia-free glass cleaner are some of the most effective cleaners to use in your car. Use it on the interior windows, windshields, and mirrors. Spray some water onto an old microfiber cloth or paper towels to wipe away dirt and dust particles stuck on them. You can follow this up by dabbing a few drops of window cleaning solution on the surfaces. Use an old microfiber cloth (dry) to wipe the glass surfaces until they are spotless and free of streaks. People with tinted windows would need to go through the cleaning product’s instructions to ensure it’s safe to use for your window.

Clean Your Center Console and Remove Dashboard Dust

Center consoles are usually very messy especially if you’re the type that likes to keep receipts, tissues, garbage, wrappers, pens, coins, and other loose objects in your car. You may have to empty its contents before you clean it because cleaning with things inside them can be a hassle. Use a rubber, non-abrasive brush to clean the dirt and dust away. 

Move on to using cotton balls with distilled water or window cleaner solution to get rid of stubborn stains, dirt particles, and grime. Allow them to dry before you replace the contents back in. And in replacing them, get rid of stuff that is no longer useful and place them in their proper places.

You need to use cotton swabs and microfiber cloths to get rid of any particles stuck on your dashboard. Use the clean swab tips to dig into crevices between buttons or cracks. After dusting, make use of a slightly damp microfiber cloth to get rid of any grime on the dashboard.

Disinfect the Steering Wheel

Using alcohol wipes or sanitizing solution, clean the steering wheel. Disinfectants are the best choice for this task because they kill germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms that would otherwise linger on them without cleaning. After using the wipes or sanitizing solution, allow it to dry before you put your hands on it again.

Don’t forget the gear shift knobs while cleaning and when you’re done, buff dry with a neat microfiber cloth. Disinfecting the steering is crucial especially for people who have allergies. The dust can be harmful, hence why this should be taken seriously.

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Clean The Leather Seats

Cleaning leather seats is a straightforward task. This may not be essential for some, but taking care of these surfaces can help retain their quality and prolong their life span. Leather seats are sensitive to liquid substances so you need to choose your cleaning products carefully. Opt for all-purpose cleaners that are even safe to use on delicate materials like leathers.

A vacuum crevice tool is your best ally for this task because it’ll suck out the particles stuck in the nooks and crannies of your seats. It helps you clean them thoroughly so they can look as good as new.  Then you can apply leather conditioner on the surfaces to prevent cracking and drying – especially if you’ve used chemicals with strong cleaning effects. These products have a lot of chemicals in them, so, if you’re unable to find an all-natural conditioner for leathers, look for products that are specifically made to protect car seats rather than household surfaces.

Don’t Forget The Door Panels

Door panels are often ignored because they’re not as noticeable, but maintaining their cleanliness can ensure a more pleasant interior. Rubber and plastic door panels can be wiped with a wet cloth and mild detergent to get rid of any dirt particles they’re absorbing from outside. Use clean cotton swabs to wipe out the nooks and crannies, then wipe with a dry microfiber cloth or paper towels to remove streaks that may form during the drying process.

When it comes to cleaning your car, there are several things you should always keep in mind. In this article, we’ve outlined some of them that will help you achieve a sparkling and spotless interior. By following these simple tips, you can have your car looking new in no time.