The Real Cost of Brake Job

Brakes are one of the most important components of a vehicle. So, notwithstanding the cost of brake job, it is important to carry out necessary maintenance. Though the cost of brake job may go higher, depending on the type of car you drive, a good mechanic can help you cut the amount of spending significantly. Moreover, if you break down the costs in different segments, you will find them reasonable to invest in.


#1 – The Primary Inspection

The first thing to do before working on the brakes is inspecting the car thoroughly. It won’t cost you a penny for the inspection by an expert mechanic. But, you will have to pay the hourly rate charged by the mechanic.


# 2 – Repairing Faulty Brake Systems

After an inspection, the mechanic might suggest a set of procedures. For example, if your brakes are functioning properly but needs a little tune-up to be in good condition, the mechanic may have to adjust the system. This will obviously cost less than a partial or total system replacement. In most of the cases, we see mechanics end up implementing minor changes, only; which should not increase the cost by any more than $100-$200.


brake job estimate

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# 3 – Replacing Brake Parts

If there is damage in your braking system, it doesn’t mean that the whole system has to be changed. Your mechanic will detect the faulty portions and determine if the other sections are in good condition. After that, the mechanic will replace some specific parts only. The process should not take too long, and the cost of brake job will include the prices of brake parts as well. The total cost, certainly, may be more than $100.


# 4 – Changing the Whole Brake System

This is the most expensive and time-consuming brake repairing procedure. Depending on the parts your mechanic replaces, the brake change cost may shot up. There is no other way except replacing the whole system when your brake is fully damaged. During the procedure, your mechanic will remove the old system and replace it with a new one. The brake job cost will include the hourly fees and the price of the new system.


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