The Curious Case of Spikes on Truck Wheels

Have you ever noticed a semi truck down the road with spikes on its wheels? If yes, you would be quite curious as to what they signify. While you ask around to get different sorts of answers, reading through could help. These spikes on truck wheels look bizarre and unique, let’s explore why they are exactly put to use.

Spikes On Truck Wheels – The Purpose behind the Same

Your heart may pound driving past a semi truck with spikes on wheels. The thing is rather than being scared; knowing what they are utilized for, could help. You must be wondering, are these gigantic ornaments legal? Why would someone use them? Well, read on to get all your questions addressed.

1. The Lug Nut Covers

The poking spikes on the truck wheels that you notice are the lug nut covers. These lug nuts cover the nuts that hold the wheels together. While you may wonder how dangerous they look, know that they are made out of thin steel sheet or even plastic.

In case you accidentally bang a semi truck having these spikes, no damage would happen. Instead, the spikes would break off, and the driver could blow a fuse on you. In simple words, spikes on truck wheels are an illusion that makes you think the danger is nearing.

Poking spikes on truck wheels
Reasons for spikes on truck wheels (Photo Source: pinterest)

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2. The Decorative Spikes

The other purpose of these spooky spikes is for decorative purposes. Most of the semi-truck drivers prefer customizing their wheels with spikes for making it look cool. One would surely have a look at the semi truck that has these spikes installed on the wheels.

One should also keep in mind that these spikes do not call for much investment is cheaper to buy. People believe that these spikes on wheels are a danger to other vehicles on the road. The contrary is true, though! Some truck companies have even banned their use as they don’t want people to fear anything on the road. Read through maintenance tips for the tire modifications gone wrong.

3. Types of Hubcaps

Now that you know why do truck tires have spikes, knowing the types it comes in would be interesting too. There are ample varieties available in the market one could choose from depending on one’s preferences. These spikes can be cylindrical or bullet-shaped and also come in LED light versions.

Different types of Hubcaps
Decorative spikes on truck wheels (Photo Source: dronefest)

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The spikes also come in varied sizes and colors. It is just the taste of the truck driver as to what kind or decorations he chooses for his vehicle. The attractive the better! The only downside is the misleading factor that you may pose them as a danger.


Now that you know the definitive purpose of spikes on truck wheels do not fear them anymore. Pull up a grin on your face and feel proud that you know what exactly this is. Remember, all that glitters is not gold as appearances can sometimes be deceptive.