Tesla Model 3 Problems You Need to Know

Tesla is undoubtedly one of the top brands for electric vehicles (EVs), but not all EVs with the Tesla logo exhibit high-quality. One particular model is the Tesla Model 3 that has shown various problems, according to many reports. It is an electric sedan car that came into the market in late 2017. Let’s have a look at Tesla Model 3 problems that customers have reported already.

What Is Tesla Model 3?

Model 3 is a four-door fastback sedan. In the year 2019, it became a top-selling plug-in model in Europe. It’s also the first EV that Tesla marketed for the masses.

Although Tesla Model 3 issues generated frustration among its potential customers with multiple production delays, the initial reaction after it’s release was positive. However, as time proceeded, more and more people started to show their dissatisfaction with this particular model.

What Are the Tesla Model 3 Problems?

In a recent survey, Model 3 owners reported facing hardware and in-car electronics problems. One example is screen freezing, a problem prevalent in many other Tesla models. Customers also complained about paint and trimming issues in this car. Moreover, many have experienced sole display screen issues that caused trouble by acting strangely.


Touchscreen and Glass Defects

People complained that occasionally, the touch screen would start to respond as if someone is using the screen at different points. It resulted in automatic cranking up of the volume to the maximum, songs playing, and map rescaling in the navigation panel, all without any command from the users.

Some owners said that they have glass defects such as cracks in the rear window and bolt defects such as missing bolts, bolts with different colors in their reviews.


There have been reports on the paint issues of this car too. People found out that Model 3 cars have thin and fragile paint. In these cases, cars have a high chance of getting rust. Customers also complained about having chipped paint and peeling paint while washing the car.


Condensation seems like one of the common Tesla Model 3 problems. Until now, Tesla users reported headlight condensation, tail light condensation, fog light condensation, and even camera condensation. Tesla claimed that the condensation is normal for all cars because of the semi-sealed state of the lighting elements, users are not happy with this explanation. Besides, this explanation does not explain the reasons for the windscreen camera condensation.

Apart from these, the malfunctioning of the rain sensor and body-panel misalignment are other causes of dissatisfaction among the Tesla 3 users.

tesla model 3 issues
Headlight condensation is another problem. (Source: Jteder / PixaBay)

What Tesla Has to Say About This

According to a Tesla spokesperson, the company is aware of these issues with the Model 3. It also corrected most of the problems by making improvements in the fields of design and manufacturing. As a result, the field data also started to show a positive response. The spokesperson also said that Tesla always took customer feedback seriously and implemented necessary changes immediately after knowing about the issues.


Keep these Tesla Model 3 problems in mind before making a purchase decision. Tesla claimed that it fixed most of the issues. So, the wise decision will be to buy the latest version in the market.