Sand In Your Car Is No Longer A Problem

Where else would you go in the summer if not the beach? Hot sun, warm sand, cool water, and refreshing beverages, all of that make a great holiday. However, sand getting in your car after every trip to the beach is a problem, too, because sand can get in everywhere you don’t want it to, and it is hard to clean them from the car. In this article, I mentioned a few items, hacks, and common sense tips that will ensure you leave the sand at the beach – where it belongs!

1. Avoid sitting directly on the sand

don't seat directly on sand
Source: Mashable

Seating directly on the sand will make sand stick onto your skin and harder get them off, even more so if you’re wet from swimming. It will coat your back, get in your hair and bodily crevices. Even a thorough rinsing won’t get rid of all the sand. Spreading an oversize beach towel to sit on is a great idea, an old table cloth or bed sheet would be okay too. If you’re worried about them collecting sand, try sitting on a chair, that way you only have sand on your feet. You can rinse the chair off with water before going home to minimize the amount of sand on your car.

2.  Soft brush and baby powder is a must

The best way to lessen the amount of sand on your body is to rinse your body part with water to clean off the sand. However, sometimes only your hand and water are not enough. A soft bristle brush like a large makeup brush would do wonders in this situation, you can use them to scrub off stubborn sand from your feet and to remove sand from crevices in the soles of your shoes. If that’s still not enough, you can try using baby powder or cornstarch. Rub them on your arm and legs, and gently wipe them off with a towel and there goes all the sand. 


3. Clean your stuff before you go

To minimize the amount of sand you will bring to your car, it’s best if you will clean your stuff before bringing them home. Rinse the toys and beach ball and chair with water. If you use a beach blanket instead, then shake them really hard to get the sand out. Traditional beach blankets are too big and bulky to easily shake out so an oversized beach towel is easier to shake and clean. Before you get into the car, shake out any clothing that was worn on the beach, empty out pockets and comb that hair. If you want to keep sand out of your car, you’ve got to get it out of whatever you bring into the car.

4. Cover the inside of your car

cover your car interior
Source: WeatherTech

Despite all the cleaning, maybe there is still some sand left and that is unavoidable. Then we get to the next solution: cover the inside of your car, where you will sit. Line the seats and trunk of your car with an old bedsheet. This adds a layer of protection and is easy to shake out and clean once you arrive home. Cut open a large plastic bag and use it to line the trunk, you just have to gather it up and toss the whole thing into the trash when you get home. Other than that, consider using a rubber or plastic mat to catch the sand falling from your legs. These mats are placed on top of your existing mats and many of them are “cut to size” to fit your specific car. All-weather mats work great for dirt and moisture too.

5. Some tools help clean your car better

There are a few things you can bring with you that are very effective in getting the sand out. A mini vacuum is good. Shop vacuums are great for the garage but it’s always a hassle to plug them in and find an extension cord that reaches your car. Mini car vacuums are tiny and use the DC plug in your car (no need for a wall outlet). Similar to the mini vacuum, there are mini-compressors that are powered by a DC outlet in your car. The compressor works great for paddleboards and blow-up toys, but it also works to blow the sand off your body. Forced air can be used on your hair, inside your swimsuit, and on your arms and legs. These things are convenient to bring with you to the beach, you can keep them in the trunk and use them on the go!


There you go, just follow these tips and I’m sure you won’t have any sand problems anymore. For more great tips like this, check out Maintenance Tips, you will be surprised what you will find out about your car!