Why Running Engine Without Oil Is A Bad Idea?

Oil is to a car what blood is to human beings. It not only helps in running the car engine smoothly but also lubricates the moving parts and prevents excessive heat from being generated. Some drivers change oil every 3000 to 5000 miles, and there are those who drive thousands of miles without even thinking about it. Have you ever thought about what would happen to running engine without oil in your car? It might be a crazy idea, but some have gone as far to try it. Apart from this, the engine oil also helps in reducing the wear and tear by reducing friction.

In this blog, we will share with you what would happen to a car with no oil in the engine to start. You can also search online to get the maintenance tips on taking care of a car engine.

What Would Happen To A Car Running Engine Without Oil?

To function smoothly, the engine needs oil as it performs many useful operations including smooth functioning and reducing the heat. However, if you try to run the engine without any oil in it, it would be a bad decision. Here is what would happen if you were driving a car with no oil in it.

1. The Consequences 

Engine Oil does a lot more than just keeping your car running. It also provides lubrication to all the moving parts to keep the engine smooth. The engine oil is responsible for the cooling and cleaning of the entire engine. In case, you were to try running engine without oil; there is no doubt that its functions would degrade.

Let us imagine for a minute that your car engine is running on minimal or zero oil. First, the antifreeze mechanism would activate, but it won’t be able to stop the engine from overheating within a shorter time. Read below to know what happens.

Miracle of running engine without oil
Facts about running engine without oil.

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2. Sludge And Tar

While the car engine is in overdrive mode, it leads to the creation of tar, sludge, and varnish. These start to deposit on the internals of the engine including the rings, bearings, and cylinder walls. All these are carbon byproducts, and it leads to the parts of the engine meeting each other leading to further wear and tear of the engine. It now leads the engine to create more deposits and performs badly than before. We recommend that you rather not find out about what happens when your car runs out of oil.

3. Excessive Heat

With zero engine oil, the engine is pushed to its limit and starts generating more heat. It is owing to the absence of oil, which absorbs the excessive heat from damaging the engine parts. While this is happening, the minimal oil deposit would end faster. It leads the engine to suffer thermal degradation, compressive heating thereby affecting its performance. Thus, it is not a good idea to try to find out as to how long can a car run without oil.

4. Wear And Tear

With every part of the engine becoming a target of sludge and tar, the engine begins to generate more and more heat at a faster rate leading to its damage. It leads to faster wear and tear, which can be taken care of with a rod. A rod is the place of friction on the bearing of the crankshaft. The piston would go down the bore and not return; also, the rod might break and force itself inside the engine block..

 Truth About running engine without oil
Secrets about running engine without oil. Source: joebelanger/123RF

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Summing Up

Thus, in case you are thinking of trying to running engine without oil, your car engine might never come back from permanent damage. It is a good idea to look for a professional car maintenance provider to keep the car running smoothly.