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Is it Safe Driving with Red Fluid Leaking from Car?

Is it Safe Driving with Red Fluid Leaking from Car?
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Red fluid leaking from car indicates a problem with the transmission. The fluid used in the gearbox is a distinctive red or green color. So, it’s easy to determine whether the leaked fluid comes from transmission of somewhere else.

Any expert mechanic will advise immediate fix if there is any problem in the gearbox. But, can you drive the car with a leak in the fuel line or some other components of the transmission?

Why Does the Transmission Fluid Leak?

The most common reason is a broken, loose, or worn out seal. A transmission has different types of seals including input shaft seal, output shaft seal, axle, seal, and more across its mechanism. A damage or hole in any of them will cause red fluid leaking from car.

Transmission Fluid Leak
The fluid may leak for several reasons.

A gap in the transmission could be another potential issue. The fluid could come out if there is a breach or slit in the torque converter, pan gasket, transmission pan, or other areas. It is indeed rare to have a leaking gasket or a cracked case, but not completely impossible.

A leak in the fluid lines could also be the source of this problem. This type of damage could be the result of debris in the road hitting the fluid lines. Heat could be another culprit to cause this issue. Remember that a hole in the lines drains out the fluid pretty quickly.

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Is It Safe to Drive When Red Fluid Leaking from Car?

The safety depends on how bad is the leak. You can drive around for years if it’s just a small drip. In fact, there is nothing to worry as long as the transmission fluid remains at the right level. However, it is recommended to repair the leak as soon as possible it could affect the vehicle’s performance and lead to the total damage of the transmission.

A low level of transmission fluid will warn you with various signs such as slipping, increasing rpm, jerking in and out of gear, the speed of the car is out of sync with the gear change and acceleration, and more. In that case, you should not drive the car anymore and call a service center to tow it to the repair shop.

Ignoring the symptoms will only make the problem worse over time. Eventually, it will end up with the failure of the transmission. Remember that repairing a small leak will not cost much but it will cross a thousand bucks if the hole becomes bigger or the transmission stops working.

red fluid leaking from car
Driving with a small leak is comparatively safer.

How to Stop Red Fluid Leaking from Car?

There is nothing much to do except for taking care of the car and take it to a servicing shop for regular maintenance. All the seals in the transmission are rubber and they wear out with regular driving. Just like other components such as brake pads and tires, the seals also wear out over time. Besides, it’s not rare to have cracks, holes, or damage in various transmission components. So, when you see red fluid, check the fluid level and then take necessary action.

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