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Readiness Monitors Won’t Reset: Possible Fixes

Readiness monitor or emission monitor comes blended in all the new generation cars. The purpose is simple, to test out the entire functioning of a car or if all the sensors are working fine. This testing out makes it easy to solve any issues with the Diagnostic code reader. The technology eliminates the need for opening different parts and checking them separately until any significant issue arises. However, you might notice that the readiness monitors won’t reset and does not allows an on-board diagnosis.

We are going to discuss the possible fixes for this issue. You can browse online to find the best maintenance tips about resetting the readiness monitor in the car.

Why The Issue Of Readiness Monitors Won’t Reset Occurs?

Some reasons disable the readiness monitor or keep it from resetting. Let us understand what causes this issue.

When you disconnect the battery, it erases the memory and all the test results. It makes the monitor blank and after several days of driving can make it work or test again.

If you use any scanner to erase the codes, the monitor returns to zero, and that keeps it from testing again. In this situation, it requires some driving before the monitor can return to its testing phase.

If you knowingly or unknowingly disconnect the sensors, it leads to monitor malfunction.

In case you tweak the programming of your monitor using performance, tuner or similar tools bought from the market. Any trick used to fool the emission system would lead to the failure of the readiness monitor to reset.

1. Way For Fixing The Monitor And Making It Work Again

We mentioned the possible reasons that lead to readiness monitor not reset issue. Let’s check out what can resolve this issue:

You can check the Malfunction Indicator Light as there should be no command to perform. Having pending issues also leads to non-working monitor.

Try the fuel tank, and it should be at least 35%. Below that could be the reason for monitor malfunctioning.

The third solution would be achieving the drive cycle, which means you would need to drive the vehicle for one week. The drive should include city and highway driving. It will resolve the issue.

If nothing works then do follow the OBD drive cycle that makes you meet certain conditions. Afterward, it commands the monitor to perform the self-check routines.

readiness monitors won't reset
Solving readiness monitors won’t reset issues

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2. What Is An OBD Drive Cycle?

OBD drive cycle differs per the vehicle and its manufacturing year. It can be done via the user manual that comes along. However, certain conditions remain unchanged, and you can try with them:

Try with the cold start by keeping the temperature below 500C.

Turn off the ignition key before going for cold start.

Start the car and leave the engine approx two minutes or so. Keep the A/C and rear defroster on.

Next, put the A/C and rear defroster to off and set the speed at 90 km/h. Perform it for three minutes.

You can slow it down to 30 km/h without using brakes and clutch to solve the readiness monitors won’t reset issue.

readiness monitors won't reset
All about readiness monitors won’t reset issues

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The Verdict

This is how the readiness monitors won’t reset issue can be solved. If you are not sure, you can discuss the issue with the professionals and follow your car’s particular OBD drive cycle.

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