How to Disable Airbag System in 6 Steps?

Removing or disabling the airbag is a kind of tricky task but not impossible. The array of various wires and fuses can confuse anyone, especially those who are dealing with it for the first time. So, How to disable airbag system by yourself is what you might be looking for here.

So, get ready with your toolbox to disable the airbag now, as we are going to give you the best solution to do so.

How to Disable Airbag System? Find out here!

The reason for removing the airbag could be anything like it could be some medical issues, difficulty to place the baby carrier, or any other possibility. Here you will find the best ever method to disable the airbag easily.

1. Purge the Power

The first step involved in the process of how to disable airbag system in your car is to cut off the power. As the airbag runs on an electric charge, it becomes imperative to detach the battery access from it. So, to achieve that cut off the battery cable for a negative charge from the terminal. Now, leave the battery unattached for a few minutes so that all the charges drain out to avert any mishappening. Be careful while cutting the power as any charge left in the system might be catastrophic.

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2. Take Out the Fuse

To take off the fuse, you can refer to the car menu with the intention that you take off the right fuse. There might be numerous fuses available underneath the seat. So, the car manual will help you reach the right one directly connected to the airbag. Take off the fuse and keep it safe.

All about How to disable airbag system
How to disable airbag system by yourself

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3. Take Away the Dashboard Cover

Find the bolt to take off the dashboard, which is placed down with the metal cracks. Loosen up all the bolts that are somewhere in the groove with the help of a screwdriver and place the dashboard aside carefully. Flathead crew driver is ideal for this purpose.

4. Immobilize the Passenger Airbag

Disabling airbag from the passenger seat is as important as from the front seats. For that, you have to find the yellow wire. At the same time, unfasten the harnessed by pushing the green locking pin. Now you have disabled the passenger seat airbags successfully.

5. Remove the Steering Wheel’s Lower Panel

Before you remove the lower panel of the steering wheel, mark the position of your wheels. Ensure that the wheels are straight and aligned. Now remove the airbag.

6. Finally, Disable the Airbag

After completing all the phases successful, it’s time to take off the airbag. This last step is very simple as you have to find the yellow wire same as you find while disabling the passenger seat airbag.

Find out How to disable airbag system
How to disable airbag system from your car

The rest of the steps are same that is release the harness by pushing the green locking pin. Now, this is how to disable airbag system in your car!

You can use all these steps to install the airbag but, in the rearward succession. Give a few tests to check if the airbag working or not. So, whenever it’s a call for disabling the airbag, do follow this effective process and the maintenance tips of experts altogether.