5 Tips for How to Prevent Scratches on Car

The last thing you would want to happen to your car (other than mechanical problems) is a scratch on the paint. Scratches are unsightly, ruin the beauty of a car, and make you look like someone who does not take care of their vehicles. Besides driving carefully, you can take some measures to prevent scratches on car. Taking preventive measures is the best way because the removal of scratches is going to cost you time and money.

Simple Measures for How to Prevent Scratches on Car

Scratches on the paintwork is a blow to a vehicle’s aesthetic. Plus, deep scratches can expose the metal underneath and lead to rust and corrosion. So, the most practical thing to do is to take action to minimize the chance of scratching the paintwork.

There are some smart and easy-to-apply ways for the prevention of scuffs and marks. Take care of your car and its exterior finish by following these tips:

Park carefully.

Park in a spot where there is less risk of getting scuffs on the paintwork. Stay far from potential danger like cars that are not lined properly, close to the entrance of a shop, near any place where pedestrians are frequent.

Choose a spot in the parking lot where there is less risk of getting scratches from the doors of nearby vehicles.

Drive carefully.

When driving on the road, make sure that you are not too close to another vehicle in the front or beside you. Also, avoid low-hanging tree branches or the side of the road where there are large shrubs. These things can easily ruin the paintwork of a vehicle.


Wash the car regularly.

A car’s exterior has a shiny finish that is also delicate. It can get swirl marks and nicks easily if you don’t wash the car on a regular basis or do it carelessly. Don’t use automatic car wash as it may create new scuff marks on the exterior.

Handwashing is the best option, and be careful about how you wipe off the dirt and grime. Don’t use a dry cloth or your hand. It can make the dirt grains and sands to cut through the lacquer. Wash the car with a hose and then wipe gently with something soft and not abrasive.

Use high-quality cleaning products.

You cannot use any harsh and abrasive cleaning products to avoid scratches on the paint. Be extra careful if it’s a black car because even the faintest hairline scratch looks quite prominent. Use high-quality cleaning agents so they don’t ruin the paint finish. Also, a good quality microfiber towel will absorb more water without abrading the exterior.

prevent car scratches
Use quality products when cleaning. (Source: Pikist)

Apply wax.

The sunscreen protects your skin, wax protects the car’s paint. It not only safeguards the paintwork from UV rays but also from water and dirt. Check the owner’s manual to find out how frequently you should apply wax to the exterior.


Having scuffs on the car paint is kind of inevitable. But you can prevent scratches on car happening frequently by following these tips. If you are still unlucky, follow this guide to getting that fixed. If the scratches are deep or too large, seek professional help.