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Popping Noise When Turning: What’s Your Car Telling You?

Any sound other than the familiar buzzing of the engine is not good news for the car owners. What about a popping noise when turning the vehicle? Is it alarming? Does this mean you have to splurge money on a repair or replacing a damaged component? Well, any unusual sound from the vehicle is concerning. But, how bad is the pop noise when turning? Let’s find out.

Popping Noise When Turning – The Possible Causes:

The weird sound seems to be coming from the wheels, but its root is the steering system. It controls the movement of the wheels so that the vehicle can rotate on the road. So, it is likely to be the source of any problem related to the turning of the car.

The steering system is complicated and it takes the expertise of a professional mechanic to find out the problematic component that triggers the popping noise when turning. But, you can still check these parts that are most likely to be the starting points of that cracking sound.

pop noise when turning
Several components could be the possible reason.

1. Cracked CV Joint

It could happen if you are driving a front-wheel drive car. The CV (Constant Velocity) joint near the front axle functions as the wrist of the steering system. It allows the shaft the flexibility required for running the suspension and the wheels. If the joint is broken or torn, there will be grease everywhere behind the wheels. It will cripple the axle’s operation and the result will be clicking noises at the time of turning.

2. Worn Out Tie Rod

Cars can make a popping noise when turning because of an about-to-break tie rod, which could be dangerous if you don’t find out the trouble and take immediate action. Lift up the corner of your vehicle while holding the wheel at 3 and 9 o’clock positions, and push and pull it. If doing so produces the pop sound, the problem is definitely with the tie rod.

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3. Defective Struts

The struts help the suspension system to cushion the impacts of off-road driving. It also works with spring coils to decrease any incoming shocks. It is a vital part of the suspension system and protects the structure and cabin of the vehicle from the impacts of shocks, bumps, and jerks. Bad struts will not only produce the popping sound but also put the entire suspension system into jeopardy.

popping noise when turning
Popping sound warrants immediate attention.

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4. Loose Hubcaps

The steering system’s lug nuts have a cover on them (made of plastic or metal) known as hubcaps. If the nuts are loose, the hubcaps will constantly flutter and wobble, creating popping noises. However, the noises will be there whenever you are driving, especially when the car is speeding up, instead of just in the time of turning.

5. Incorrect Tire Inflation

The popping noise when turning could be a regular occurrence when all the tires don’t have the same inflation. It makes the wheels yield weird sounds when the car is running. The good news is fixing this particular problem is easy and inexpensive. Just make sure that all tires have similar specs and design, and the air pressure in them is similar and appropriate.