Oil Light Comes On When Stopped: Find The Reasons!

It could be a frustrating experience when the oil warning came on steady but your car stops. And some drivers may not know what they should do in this situation. Don’t worry! In this article, we will discuss the most likely culprit behind your problem: the oil light comes on when stopped

Why My Oil Light Comes On When Stopped: 5 Possible Causes!

Engine oil plays an important role in maintaining engine performance. It is extremely important to make sure that your car always has enough lubricating oil, not only to make your vehicle more durable but also to ensure the safety of the user. In order to notify drivers of the engine oil status, automakers have integrated a system of warning lights to warn of problems related to the engine oil.

Usually, you notice the oil light comes on and off while driving but when this light turns on when your car stops, it’s a very uncommon problem. And what are the reasons, let’s find out! As we all know, the oil pressure will increase and decrease according to the RPM of your engine. When the engine is stopping or idling, the oil pressure will go down and as the RPM increases, the oil pressure will go up. At this time, the oil warning light will illuminate if the oil pressure drops too low. But, it’s just not the only reason, there are other causes you can consider: 

what does it mean when the oil light comes on
What does it mean when the oil light comes on (Photo: pinterest.com)

Faulty oil pump 

No matter how much oil you refill without a functioning oil pump, it’s worthless. The engine oil pump creates oil pressure in the engine. If the pump is not working, the oil pressure will drop and thus trigger the oil warning to come on when your engine stops. You can change the oil pump If it starts to show the wearing signs. It should last somewhere between 60000 to 70000 miles in a properly maintained and regularly serviced vehicle.

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Dirty engine oil

One of the other reasons why the oil light comes on when the car is stopped is because the engine oil is dirty or old. Failure to periodically maintain, check and replace the oil when necessary will cause the oil and some other fluids to degrade. Then, the sludge formed from the metamorphic oil will cause sensors such as oil pressure to detect and light up the oil indicator. Therefore, it is necessary to change the oil and clean the engine part regularly to avoid dirty oil causing the oil warning light to come on.

Low oil pressure

oil light comes on and off
Low oil pressure is one of the reason makes oil light come on and off (Photo: pinterest.com)

Low oil pressure is a case where the oil in the tank is still full, but not of sufficient quality because it may be because the car owner is using the wrong type of oil. This problem can occur where the temperature difference between the hot and cold seasons is significant. So, in the summer, your car can use high-viscosity oil (10W – 30), the cold season must be changed to 5W-30 to be appropriate. Otherwise, the warning oil will turn on even when your car stops. In addition to having to change the oil regularly, it is necessary to choose an oil with a viscosity index suitable for the weather temperature.

Worn-out engine bearing

Bad or worn-out engine bearings can be the main reason that makes the engine light illuminate your car dashboard. Typically, an oil pump flows a fixed amount of fluid (i.e. 20 gallons per minute). when there are signs of wear or a leak in the gap between the engine bearings or hydraulic lifter, your engine will lose oil pressure. Therefore, excessive clearance between the bearings due to excessive bearing wear will result in loss of oil pressure, especially at low RPM when the pump rotates at the slowest speed.

Faulty oil pressure sensor

After checking all the details, but still can’t find the reason why the oil warning light comes on. It is possible that the oil pressure sensor has been damaged due to long-term dirt accumulation, and frequent exposure to high temperatures. However, sometimes the warning light circuit on the dashboard has problems. The quality and condition of the engine oil are measured by an oil pressure sensor. The pressure sensor will send a signal through the pressure indicator light for users to have information, check and handle it in a timely manner. Please monitor the sensor resistance regularly, to timely detect abnormal signs causing damage.

These are the 5 most common causes. Why does my oil light come on when i stop? Make sure you correctly diagnose the causes to come up with the most suitable solutions. Because the process of using lubricating oil is very important to the operation of the vehicle. Therefore, when there are problems that cause the oil indicator light to come on, it is necessary to check and handle it in time before the condition of the car gradually worsens.

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Some Tips When Changing The Engine Oil

  • Fill up just the right amount of engine oil to the reference line, not too little or too much. Check the oil level gauge on the vehicle or use a dipstick for vehicles that do not have a measuring device.
  • Regularly clean the engine and vehicle parts.
  • Check the oil pressure sensor regularly. The engine should not be overloaded, causing high temperatures, and reducing the durability of the machine.
  • Use the oil with an index suitable for the temperature.
  • Take your car to the nearest showroom, to be checked and handled promptly if you notice the oil warning light come on.