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Is That New Car Smell Worth Breathing? Know Now!

The scent of a new car that you can breathe in the interior varies at different levels. The intensity of the new car smell depends on the particular brand and model you choose to purchase. Some people do not get bothered about this smell whereas some others are concerned about it. Most car owners do not show any distress since the smell of the new car gives them the sense of ownership, as they say. There is a reason why a new car smells, and here are the whys.

New Car Smell: The Origin of the Odor and How to Avoid Inhaling It

The interior of a car includes parts made up of polyurethane that means various paints, plastics, and sealants. All of these volatile organic compounds are responsible for the factor what makes the new car smell. These compounds evaporate themselves, and on warm days, this evaporation increases a bit more.

Intensity of new car smell varies in different models
Polyurethane or polyester makes the car smell(Photo Source: mentalfloss)

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These materials may lose the harmful smell with time, but until then, you continue to smell them in the name of the new car smell. These VOCs are dangerous since they cause respiratory problems, headaches, and joint and muscle pain, and cancer too. The smell is especially harmful in closed space where you don’t get enough oxygen.

As per a study, 200 cars were tested that were manufactured somewhere in between 2011-2012 models. The X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer brought the results with the presence of elements like lead, cadmium, chlorine, arsenic, mercury, tin, and antimony.

How to Troubleshoot This Problem?

Now that you know what causes new car smell, let’s have the solutions to manage with the odor.

As the smell of the compounds fades away with time, it rarely exists in old cars. So if one is worried about getting the harmful impact of the materials used, it is wise to buy a used car instead of a new one.

If going with a used car is not your choice, you can buy a new one. In this case, you should open all the windows every time you drive. Keep opening the windows can be tough in summers; however, you can try opening the windows for some time and then closing them for a moment when you turn on the AC.

You know “what is the new car smell,” so as the third solution; you should buy the cars that come with the lowest rate of smell. There are specific car models from different brands where manufacturers use better products. They use water-based alternatives instead of solvent-based glues and soy-based foam instead of petroleum to reduce the VOC effect. When you have experts by your side or maybe some Maintenance Tips from them, it becomes easier to understand the new car smell and the working.

There are comparison charts for the lowest to highest VOC smell rate that you can search online. Also, do not smell deep this new smell when you are in your vehicle, as that may affect you.

Open the windows to avoid new car smell when driving
Car manufacturers use soy-based foam instead of petroleum nowadays(Photo Source: topgear)

This is one thing about the car’s smell that the manufacturers do not tell you about. No matter how pleasing that new car smell is to you, you should always use some safety measures to keep the smell from going in your system.

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