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Lower Radiator Hose Cold: Potential Causes that are Doing this!

Car problems can put people into great worries. If your car’s lower radiator suddenly blows out cold air instead of hot, it might make you scratch your head. Several things are responsible for the ‘lower radiator hose cold’ problem as there are many components operating collectively to warm up your vehicle.

Thus, it’s good to know the potential reasons responsible for not heating up the lower radiator. It will help you to diagnose the problem carefully and fix it immediately.

Let’s explore out the possible causes below.

Reasons Responsible for ‘Lower Radiator Hose Cold’ Issue

Whether it’s an upper radiator or a lower radiator hose problem, both need to be detected and fixed as soon as possible. If failed to do so, it can affect the working of the car’s cooling system.

So, let’s discover the potential reasons responsible for the cold air coming out of the lower radiator hose of your vehicle.

1. Lack of Coolant in the Engine

One such reason behind not heating up the lower radiator might be the improper amount of coolant in the engine. The coolant is elated in and out of the radiator by upper and lower hoses. Thus, making the lower radiator hose to heat up. It may happen that your car might get low on coolant and is not able to reach the lower radiator. As a result, the lower hose emits cold air.

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2. Water Leaks

Different reasons for lower radiator hose cold
All about lower radiator hose cold. Source: YotaTech

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The most common problem that is guilty of this issue is the water leaks. There are several places responsible for these leaks. So, make sure that you check both the upper and lower hoses for any damage. If any leak persists, the lower radiator hose will not heat up properly.

3. Thermostats not Working Properly

It may happen that the thermostat gauge of your car is broken or not working properly. You might know that if the thermostat is not able to provide a signal to the car that the engine is hot, the coolant will not drive to the heater and the air will remain cool. As a result, the coolant will not reach the lower radiator and will produce cool air only.

4. Issues with the Heater Core

Sometimes, it is possible that the coolant is not traveling through the heater core appropriately or the air from the blower is not reaching properly. Thus, the lower radiator is not able to perform its function due to the problems in the heater core. So, ensure that the heater core is working perfectly fine. You may also follow some car maintenance tips to figure out the signals that your car may provide if your heater is not working correctly.


Reasons liable for lower radiator hose cold
Causes of lower radiator hose cold problems. Source: Youtube 

Now, you might be aware of the common reasons liable for the ‘lower radiator hose cold’ issue. Next time, if you come across such problems, don’t forget to diagnose and fix it quickly.

  1. Lamarrio Fields says

    My 04 Altima only gets heat while sitting reving the engine. Once I drive it turns cold. The bottom hose doesn’t get hot or heater core hose unless I’m sitting reving the engine. I haven’t had any leak signs but do smell like sweet smelland coolant leaving g somewhere but no signs of leaks car drives the best though. What could this be? It has two thermostats that has been changed but could one being put in improper cause the car not to get any heat?

  2. Josh says

    Your heater core is leaking pull the carpet back on passenger side and see if the floor is wet

  3. Gary Arnold says

    I replaced the thermostat housing on my 2004 Toyota Sienna (removed everypart of the air box, loosened the starter because I needed about a 1/2″ to clear and replace the housing — these steps saved a lot of frustration because removal and installation was a lot smoother) — reconnected everything but only put antifreeze in the over flow tank (be sure to fill the radiator with antifreeze as well) — didn’t take into account how much was lost due to the damage part and lose of fluid. Went back out filled the radiator and drove the van, no problems. Thanks for the info. it was very helpful.

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