Long Block vs Short Block Engines – Comparing Auto Engine Performance

The luxurious exterior of the car is worthless if its engine doesn’t work properly. An engine is the pillar of your car. So, why don’t you choose it wisely? But, when it comes to buying a new engine, one thought can also come in your mind-“whether I should go with a long block or short block engine? ” Well, your choice of an engine can affect the performance of your car. So, it is vital to find out a fruitful solution from long block vs short block engine comparison.

These two engines are different from each other in many ways and figuring out which one is the best for your car is essential.

Basic Difference between Long Block vs Short Block Engine

Let’s see which one is the best for your car and which engine will satisfy your requirements, right now!

1. Long Block Engine

This engine is complete in itself. You can also say that this engine is as close to full assembly engine and ready to run quickly. All the essential components that an ideal engine must have are intact with it and require less time for installation.

The long block is more powerful than the short block and negative efforts are required to putting things together. This engine has the parts- assembled block, crankshaft, camshaft, valve train, and a cylinder head as well.

All about long block vs. short block
Basic Difference between long block vs. short block

However, it doesn’t include fuel system, intake, electrical, and exhaust components too. Also, a need of replacing the long block indicates that the short block and the head have been damaged so badly that it can’t be repaired anymore. Generally, the manufacturer offers a complete repair kit in which reconditioning repairs.

Moreover, this engine is costlier than the short. In addition, the parts of the engine may contrast from trader to trader.

So, if the cost is not an issue for you and the best performance is what you want, going for the long block will definitely be the best option.

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2. Short Block Engine

You can find short block below cylinder head and above crankcase. This engine is not complete and comes with a piston, a crank, and connecting rods. An installation is required in order to assemble all the parts. The external parts required to attach externally may include cylinder heads, oil pump, and gaskets. In addition, you can find some engines with the timing parts as well.

Your maintenance tips provider might have told you that the installation of short block engine takes more time than the long block. Well, it’s true! Every part must hold at the specific position and the process of binding the parts together might be time-consuming. This engine is affordable as purchasing only necessary parts lessen the cost. In the race of long block vs short block engine, when it comes to replacement, the internal parts of short are costlier than the external parts of the long block.

Selecting Long block vs. short block engine
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In terms of performance, short blocks due to their freedom in additional parts are more efficient than the long blocks.

So, which engine do you find the best?


The car we drive say a lot about us, so do the engine. Long block vs short block engine, choose the one that goes with your car and your needs for the better results.