How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Cylinder Head?

How much does it cost to replace a cylinder head? Well, the total expenses are a bit difficult to estimate without replacing the head from the engine and examining the extent of the damage. Consulting a professional mechanic will be helpful to get the correct diagnosis and cost estimation.

The Factors Determining the Repair Costs

A visual examination is not enough to find out all the damaging signs. There are many factors that can add up to the costs. If you have some knowledge about the automobile engine mechanism, you can figure out the approximate cost.

For example, the cylinder head repair costs in an inline engine will be lower than the costs of a V style engine. The reasons are simple. An inline engine, featuring 4 or 6 inline cylinders, has one head for covering all cylinders. On the other hand, a V style engine, such as a V6, V8, or boxer style unit, has two cylinder heads, one for each cluster of cylinders. So, repairing or replacing two cylinder heads is obviously costlier than replacing one cylinder head.

Repairing the head in a V style warrants more money for another reason. As it has two cylinder banks, both engine sides should have similar conditions for the engine’s smooth operation and reducing vibration when the car is running. For this reason, when one cylinder head is having issues or deteriorates to the point of malfunction, you will need to change both of them to keep both sides of the engine balanced.

How much does it cost to replace a cylinder head? So, it depends on the engine type and the condition of different cylinder head parts. The common parts of or related to the head are the valve seats, seals, and guides. Any problem with these parts demands a visit to the repair shop. Also, the head’s warped or uneven surface is another issue that you should not ignore.


How Much does it Cost to Replace a Cylinder Head?

When calculating the possible repair cost, a detailed inspection is necessary to find out the repairs needed. It involves a close looking into the cylinder for any damage signs or warped surfaces and checking the valves and seals for wear.

A cracked cylinder head repair job may cost around $500, including $200 to $300 for parts and $90 to $100 per hour for labor costs. However, this calculation is applicable if your car has an aluminum cylinder head, like most modern vehicles. An older or luxury car having an iron cylinder head may cost around $1,000 because an iron head is more expensive and require more labor hours. The expenses will add up if you need to replace or repair any adjacent vales or seals.

cylinder head repair costs
The expenses may exceed a thousand dollars. (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Being able to pinpoint the problems will help with negotiating with the mechanic. Some shady repair shops may overcharge by taking advantage of the ignorance of the customers. You can also call around and explain the kind of repair work you need. Then, compare the quotes from various shops to see which ones seem reasonable.