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How To Install Locking Gas Cap Like a Pro?

A gas cap has to be in good condition all the time. The cap saves the gas from leaking and evaporating, thus saves you gas in there. If a gas cap leaks or if it is weak, you may lose some percent of your gas every day. Since gas cap continuously gets opened and closed, they get weaker and wear off. As a result, one needs to install locking gas cap again.

Install Locking Gas Cap: Step by Step

When the gas cap is poorly functioning, it also causes the fuel pump and engine to work harder. This, as a result, releases more exhaust fumes into the environment, that is again, not a good thing.

That is why whenever you feel like you are losing more gas than ever, do check your locking gas cap, or take your car to a repairer. Let’s see the process of installing a gas cap broken into steps below-

First, you need to buy the locking cap that fits right. You can approach a nearby store, and get the gas cap or you can head to any online store. Gas cap with key lock are available almost everywhere.

Purchasing the right gas cap is essential, otherwise, it may not tighten up securely, and you would waste your money too.

Install locking gas cap
Poor Gas Cap Makes Engine Overwork. Source: Lowe’s

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When you have got the locking gas cap for cars, you can proceed to install it. Every gas cap comes with a leash that needs to be secured with the peg on the vehicle. This leash keeps the cap safe against losing.

Afterward, press the cap in the place against the fuel filler neck thread. Now, rotate it clockwise and it would click. This sound verifies that you have placed the gas cap properly.

However, you don’t have to force the cap if it is not going with the opening. In this case, you should check if the gas cap is a proper fit or note; in case of confusion, consult with a professional repairer.

Once the gas cap is installed, it is time to verify its locking mechanism as well. Put the key into the gas cap, and rotate it clockwise. See if the cap is locking the gas tank.

Sometimes, the key rotates, and it seems that the cap’s lock is working, but it doesn’t. so verify if the cap is not opening after locking.

Installing a Non-Locking Gas Cap

In some vehicles, the gas cap doesn’t lock, but it rotates only. If you have got such a vehicle, the process overall remains the same. You need to buy the right gas cap for the gas opening, and follow the steps as mentioned above.

The only difference is, there would be no insertion of the key to check whether or not the gas cap locks since there is no locking mechanism. Get acquainted with some maintenance tips to allow you to keep the car’s condition intact.

So you just need to buy a new cap and place it in the opening. Press the gas cap, and rotate it clockwise until you hear a click sound. Now, you have got the gas cap securely in place.

Install locking gas cap
Take Your Car To Professional For Gas Cap Installation. Cre: MajaMitrovic / iStockphoto


In case of any doubt, you can always take your car to a professional, and make the overall process easier and quicker. In most cases, this method to install locking gas cap works well.

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