Know How To Fix Cruise Control In The Right Manner

Nobody would have thought that the technology would grow to an extent where driving would become no less than a piece of cake. Earlier, you had to manoeuver through the desired speed, but it is the all-new “cruise control” that has made speed control automatic. As the saying goes, “nothing lasts forever,” cruise control may also malfunction leading to dire consequences. This is why having the right knowledge as to how to fix cruise control can help save the day.

How To Fix Cruise Control-Looking Into The Underlying Problems

When driving on a highway where traffic is minimal, the cruise control can add pleasure to driving. You wouldn’t have to depress the accelerator and wouldn’t have to gear shift. Doesn’t that sound good? If you have this control in your car and are missing it greatly owing to some errors in the system, reading on could help fix the problem.

1. Scrutinizing The Speed Sensor

A speed sensor is a device that transmits information to the car’s computer about the rotating speed of the wheels. It is one of the main components that contribute to the working of the cruise control. All you need to do is examine the speed sensor wiring on a priority basis when your cruise control fails to function.

The possible causes of speed sensor wiring breakages account for over-heated components or mice getting to your car’s interiors and chewing through the wiring. You could check the speed sensor yourself.

Understand how to fix cruise control
Points for how to fix cruise control (Photo Source: cargurus)

Lift the front portion of your car on a jack stand. Get to the bottom of the car and locate the plug-like looking sensor protruding out from the transmissions. Observe the wires and cables that are coming out of it. If any of them is damaged, you would have to get the wiring replaced or in some cases, the sensor altogether.

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2. Examine The Car’s Fuse

A car’s fuse is built to safeguard the circuit system of your car. In case of any short circuit, the fuse is liable to blow off. For your surprise, a blown fuse could also be a reason for a damaged cruise control system. To know how to fix cruise control, you would have to get to the root cause of the problem.

You wouldn’t have to lift your car or anything but would have to look beneath the steering wheel. Lift the lid of the fuse panel, and check the fuse connections that directly connect to the cruise control system. Use a device called, “fuse puller” and detach it from the panel.

Next, check the metal strip that lies inside the fuse. If it looks perfect, the problem is elsewhere. Otherwise, you would have to replace the fuse altogether. Refer to maintenance tips when you want to know how to fix a blown fuse.

3. Inspect The Vacuum Tract

The vacuum tract of the car’s cruise control ensures that the operation is smooth and trouble-free. The vacuum line links the actuator to the control module. If the vacuum line has holes or seems broken at any point, you would know where the problem lies.

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You could check the vacuum line by simply starting the car’s engine and opening the car’s hood. You could also lean down a bit, and open your ears to any vacuum leak sounds. If there emerges to be any sucking noise, you would have to get the vacuum line replaced.

The Final Words

Learning how to fix cruise control is a thing that follows once you are done with getting to the root cause. No matter what the issue, look for the potential fixture as the driving with cruise control is a pleasure, you ought not to miss.