Is Engine Oil The Same As Transmission Oil? Let’s Find Out!

There are too many types of oil running in the car that people usually confuse between oil types and usage. Do question like, “Is engine oil the same as transmission oil,” run through your head too? Is it a query that you have been asking around for a while now? If yes, then you are in the right place. All your confusions would be clarified below.

Is Engine Oil The Same As Transmission Oil? Know Here!

The engine oil and the transmission oil is not one and the same thing! Some people mistake it to be the same, but the scenario is quite the opposite. Read below, and find out the actual difference between the two.

1. Functions

Motor oil is utilized for lubricating or aptly greasing of the internal combustion engine. In simple terms, motor oil comes in useful when friction between moving parts needs to be minimized, and the engine needs to be clear from sludge.

On the other hand, transmission oil is utilized by the steering system to maintain its smooth operation. Transmission oil generally comes to use in automatic transmission vehicles and upkeeps the communication of the gear system in the finest manner possible. This is the major difference that clarifies your doubt “Is engine oil the same as transmission oil”.

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is engine oil the same as transmission oil
Need to know their functions first to know “is engine oil the same as transmission oil” (Photo Source: sanamcorp)

2. Appearance & Other Properties

Motor oil is amber in color, but over usage it may become darker. The murky color is an indication of high heat, the presence of contaminants, and the existence of contaminants. As far as transmission oil is concerned, its color ranges from red to green. Another major difference comes in the usage time frame.

Motor oil needs to be drained out from time to time to eliminate the contaminants that must have got collected. The same thing is not the case for ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). The latter is rather a closed system that does not see any contaminants and lasts for a longer period.

3. Purpose

The engine oil is appropriate for improving sealing, maintaining the engine’s cool, safeguarding against rust and corrosion, keeping the engine devoid of sludge, and for, of course, lubrication of the engine parts. Whereas, when it comes to transmission oil, the role changes a bit.

The ATF lubricates the transmission parts, cools the transmission, and ensures smooth operation of hydraulic parts. Apart from this, the ATF safeguards the transmission against rust and corrosion and also offers help with sealing. Refer to maintenance tips to know more about how to check transmission fluid for manual or auto cars.

Is engine oil the same as transmission oil
Purposes is what differ between engine oil and transmission oil (Photo Source: organicdye)

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Wrapping Up

A simple fact should be clear! Engine oil is for the engine and transmission oil is for the gearbox. Never confuse between the two as they may sound the same but hold different significance. Now if someone asks you, “Is engine oil the same as transmission oil,” you would know where the difference lies.