iMT vs AMT: Which is the Better Option for Your Needs?

Manual transmissions have been the default standard for cars since their introduction in 1894. Although modern cars have been shifting towards the automatic version, the fascination for the stick shift is still there. The result is a host of semi-automatic transmissions that combine the best of both worlds. The latest addition to this line is the iMT transmission. If you are already familiar with AMT, you might be interested in a comparison between iMT vs AMT.

iMT is a relatively new type of transmission that has gained popularity over AMT because it allows drivers to control when to shift. Which one should you buy?

What Is iMT or Intelligent Manual Transmission?

The iMT car transmission is a clutchless transmission that delivers smooth and efficient driving performance. It works with a combination of several components and moves gears with the help of a traditional manual gearbox. It won’t change the gear by itself but send a signal to the driver when it needs to be changed.

The transmission has an intention sensor that sends signals to other parts regarding engaging or disengaging the clutch plate. Remember that it will shift gears only after receiving input from the driver.

imt vs amt
iMT transmission in Hyundai Venue Turbo (Credit: EVO India)

What Is AMT or Automated Manual Transmission?

The AMT operates like a manual gear shift but with the added ability to shift without driver input. It has the same clutch and gear components that every conventional manual transmission uses but the difference lies in how it works.

The system has pre-programmed data and the ECU steps in whenever the RPM meets any of the parameters. The ECU triggers a hydraulic clutch actuator system to engage the clutch and gearbox. The functions are like an automatic system but you can also choose a “manual mode”.


iMT vs AMT: Which One Should You Choose?

The AMT is pretty common in entry- and mid-level vehicles, such as Renault Duster, Maruti Alto, Tata Nexon, and more. The iMT is a fairly new addition brought to the market by Kia and Hyundai.

New drivers will definitely like the AMT because of its automatic functions. It makes driving more convenient by taking out the complexities of making a gear-changing decision.

In contrast, the iMT is clutchless, allowing you to shift the gear without pressing the clutch. You will feel no jerk and can crank up enough power to overtake other vehicles on the road.

The AMT comes at a cheaper price, but its numerous automatic parts require higher maintenance. Cars with an iMT are more expensive but the initial cost makes it up with a low-maintenance system.


In comparison between iMT vs AMT, it’s clear that the former has a clear advantage over the latter. However, many drivers may still prefer AMT for its lower cost and automatic intervention. The above discussion should help you to make an educated decision about which one is right for your needs.