Why Are Stick Shift Cars Becoming Less Common?

Manual transmission vehicles have become a thing of the past. Now is the era of automatic transmission systems and electric automobiles. The world is appreciating modern electric vehicles technology significantly. It takes the automotive industry to all new heights. However, with the increasing popularity of automatic vehicles, stick shift cars are becoming rare.

Today, most vehicles, heavy vehicles or luxury Sedans, come with the electric transmission system. And, the manual transmission is disappearing from the world.

Now, there is no need to shift gears while driving. Instead, the modern transmission system does it automatically.

However, there is a single stick that comes with options such as Park, Drive, Neutral, and Reverse.

Why Are Stick Shift Cars A Thing of the Past Now?

Manual transmission vehicles are less common now, thanks to the budding auto technology. The percentage of stick shift vehicles is decreasing at high speed.

An automatic transmission system is more economical and efficient than the traditional manual gearbox system.

In not more than 4-5 years, manual transmission vehicles would become a thing of the past for sure. The ratio of new economical cars when compared to conventional ones shows a significant difference. And, modern technology is undoubtedly surpassing the old vehicles in this race.

Now is the era of supercars, and there is a demand for better acceleration, economy, driving experience, and everything.

Some tycoon automakers, namely BMW, Audi, Honda, and many others have already stepped into the automatic transmission game.

Automotive technology has improved in the last decade. That’s why the stick shift cars have now become rare in the market.

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Electric transmissions shift gears automatically.
Electric cars have only one gearstick to shift gears. (Photo Source: pixabay)

What are the Reasons behind Stick Shift Cars Getting Endangered? 

Despite better fuel economy and increased torque, the automatic vehicles offer incredible driving experience. A sizable number of populations choose modern cars due to the class and luxury too.

And, yes, automatic transmissions are way better than the traditional manual system. Shifting gears process is easy and quick in recent vehicles. Conventional vehicles lack such thing.

The latest auto-tech vehicles transmit high energy to the motors producing more torque and better acceleration. There is no need to shift gears to execute such a procedure.

According to the up-to-date industry knowledge, today’s generation might not know how to drive vehicles having a manual gearbox.

The world is shifting to electric based automobiles, which do not require air or fuel ignition to produce energy.

And, the automatic vehicles perfectly merge with such technology to manufacture superior vehicles. It can be another reason stick shift cars are getting endangered.

Automatic vehicles are known for better acceleration and torque.
Electric automobiles offer enhanced driving experience. (Photo Source: giba)

A Take Home Message

All in all, modern automakers try every aspect possible to make driving safe and luxurious.

The stick shift cars might not be that safe or offer better driving experience than modern tech vehicles. All these reasons, on the whole, are leading to manual gearbox cars becoming less common.