How to Use a Voltmeter the Easy Way

A voltmeter is an electronic device that is used for measuring the voltage. Its primary function is to test electronic circuits and components to find out if they are working properly. A multimeter is also used for the same purpose, but it is also able to test the continuity and resistance of electronic devices. Let’s see the use of a voltmeter function and how to use a voltmeter.

Voltmeter Function

Just as its name suggests, a voltmeter is a device for the measurement of voltage. It’s different from multimeter and meters that are used for calculating amperage or ohms.

Voltmeters are available in both analog and digital versions. The analog model uses needles for doing its function while the digital version uses a more sophisticated measurement technology and comes with a LED display for showing numbers.

how to use a voltmeter


How to Use a Voltmeter

Using a voltmeter is not a complicated task. Check out the following steps to learn how to use a voltmeter:

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Connect the probes to your voltmeter.

There are two probes – the red one and a black one. Connect the red probe to the positive connector of the voltmeter and the black one to the negative connector.

Select the type of the measurement you want.

At this step, you have to choose the correct setting for the measurement type you want from the voltmeter. Typically, if you are testing a battery commonly used in the household or a car battery, you have to measure the direct current. For that purpose, you’ll need to select the DCV setting.

On the other hand, use the ACV setting if you intend to measure alternating current in a wall outlet.

Select the appropriate range setting.

Both the ACV and DCV settings in a voltmeter have a variety of setting options. You need t0 determine the correct voltage range for the device or tool that you are going to test. For instance, if the equipment piece that functions at 12 volts, you have to set the voltage range in between 10 and 14 volts.

how to use a voltmeter

Turn the voltmeter on.

You can turn the voltmeter on after choosing all those settings. By now, find the on/off selector button and switch it on.

Test the equipment piece.

Use plastic or rubber insulated handles to hold the probes of the voltmeter. As for now, connect the probes to the proper wire or connector. The red probe will touch the positive wire while the black one will be attached to the negative end.

Check the reading.

If you are using a digital voltmeter, the LED display will show the measurement reading. The needle on the analog voltmeter, on the other hand, will indicate the voltage output.

If you know the right procedures, it’s pretty easy to measure the voltage of any device or tool with a voltmeter. Car From Japan hope that this guide helps you to figure out how to use a voltmeter.