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How to Use a Coil Spring Compressor the Right Way?

Tools that are utilized to service car’s suspension are called as coil spring compressors. The car coil springs assist in keeping the car off the ground. The coils are compressed, and you get to enjoy the best ride while driving your vehicle.

If you have the right tools and the kit required, it is easy to compress a spring. Being safe is also the requirement when compressing a coil spring, as compressed springs are full of energy and can be potentially dangerous to you.

So, to avoid any injuries, make sure you follow the right procedure to compress the coil spring and even learn some car maintenance tips. Now the question is how to use a coil spring compressor!

How to Use a Coil Spring Compressor Safely?

Here’s the process:

Jack the Car

 Get a spring compressor kit, so that you have all the essential tools you need to compress the coil spring. Now, jack up your vehicle off the ground. Use the lever to lift your vehicle, and don’t forget to wear your safety glasses and gloves while doing this entire process. Jack can easily be purchased from the local market or nearby stores. So, you learned step one on how to use a coil spring compressor safely.

Using a coil spring compressor
Get a spring compressor kit, so that you have all the essential tools needed to compress the coil spring. Source: Offroad Power Products

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Remove Car’s Tire

 Now remove the tire to reach the spring. Use a lug wrench to remove the wheel’s nuts, and then pull the tire off the vehicle. Remove additional parts of your vehicle, if any, to reach the springs easily. You can always reach out to the vehicle’s instruction manual for all directions and understating the specific parts.

Slide the Compressor Rod

The compressor kit consists of two rods and four clamp attachments. Pick rod and slide the rod that fits one of the clamps easily. The clamp must reach the end of the rod. Two clamps will be used to slide right onto the compressor rod while the other two clamps will just be screwed.

Use Safety Pin to Attach Clamp and Coil

Using a coil spring compressor is easy. Now, after sliding the first clamp to rod’s end, place rod against the spring. This will attach the clamp to the coil. Now, push the safety pin carefully to keep the clamp at the place.

Twist Another Clamp

Look for another clamp that twists on the rod. Start with the twisting of the clamp to reach the coil, and once it is done, use a safety pin to attach the clamp with the spring. The process remains the same for attaching the clamp to the spring using a safety pin.

Tighten the Bolt

Now, fix the wrench around the bolt beneath the coil. Tighten it up and avoid putting too much pressure on the rods. Make sure you are evenly tightening both sides of the spring. Do this process slowly and switch sides after every 10 twists.

How to use a coil spring compressor
Using a coil spring compressor is easy, even for beginners. Source: Supercheap Auto

Compress Coil Springs

The tightened nuts will ensure that the clamps move up the rod. The coil must be tighter by now. Also, it depends on the car, how much tightening does it need. Read about how much your vehicle needs for safe driving. Now, disconnect the compressor as you loosen all four clamps.


 So now you know how to use a coil spring compressor aptly. Just keep in mind not to over twist the coil springs when using a coil spring compressor.

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