The Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Battery Tender

Spending on a battery tender helps you keep your car battery charged and is especially important for people who leave their cars inactive for a long time. The tender will make sure that your car battery is charged at appropriate storage voltage when not active. But, now the question is how to use a battery tender in actual? To help you out, here is a complete guide to using this tender properly for utmost performance.

How to Use a Battery Tender to Properly Charge the Car Battery?

Battery tenders are your ultimate saviors specially in winters when headlights, wipers, and heater are running most of the time. These tenders not only provide continuous voltage to the battery terminals but also make use of spark free technology for security.

As you are aware of what is a battery tender, now let’s explore how to use it suitably.

1. Get Acquainted with the Precautions First

Don’t forget to take all the essential precautions before employing the battery tender. Wear eye and cloth protection, avoid accessing soap and water, have someone for help if necessary, and ensure you are present in a ventilated area.

2. Make the Arrangements Appropriately

Learn how to use a battery tender
Steps for how to use a battery tender. Source: Internet 

Place the charger as far from the battery as the cables permit. Now, with the charger ‘OFF’ and the AC plug not linked to the wall channel, place the charger’s DC and AC cables far from the automobile’s moving parts .i.e. fan blades, pulleys, hood, door etc.

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3. Know the Battery Connections Well

Put the battery terminals as Negative (NEG, N, -) and Positive (POS, P, +). Identify which terminal of the battery is connected or grounded to the framework. Now, fix the chargers clip correctly:

In case of positive grounded car, fix the Negative (Black) clip with the Negative (NEG, N, -) position of the battery and Positive (Red) clip with the car chassis or any engine block. In case you want some help, read on some car maintenance tips by experts.

For negative grounded motor vehicle, join the Positive (Red) battery charger clip to the Positive (POS, P, +) clip position. Now, connect the Negative (Black) charger clip to any engine block or the vehicle chassis.

4. Turn ON the Charger, Now

When everything connected, it’s time to turn on the while plugging it in any electric outlet. Now, note the status of the indicatior lights.

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5. Examine the Status of Indication Lights

Know the points how to use a battery tender
Read instructions how to use a battery tender. Source: Internet 

Finally, the status of indicator lights here means:

  • Red Light Flashing – It shows that the charger has the AC power accessible and the microprocessor is executing fine.
  • Red Light on Steady –This indicates that the charger is properly charging the battery.
  • Green Light Flashing – With the green light flashing and red light ‘on’, it means that the battery is more than 80% charged and is ready to use.
  • Green Light on Steady –It indicates that the charge is complete.


Now, you probably know how to use a battery tender. Don’t forget to read the instructions mentioned on the product. Follow these useful steps the next time you use a battery tender.