What Happens If The Car Battery Dies While Driving?

There’s nothing quite as heart thumping as when your car starts giving you trouble while you’re driving. A little trouble is okay but what if your car battery died while driving? By ‘car battery dies,’ we mean to say that the battery discharges beyond the point where it’s got adequate power to run the car. The list of issues that can happen to drain your battery is never-ending.

Some of the most common reasons include faulty alternator diode, charging problems, persistent electrical drains, loose or corroded battery connections, and even extreme weather. Let’s explore now what exactly happens when your car battery dies while driving.

Issues Faced When your Car Battery Died while Driving

Solution to car battery died while driving
Problems faced when car battery died while driving. Source: Youtube 

Even you purchase the best car batteries on the market, there are still the chance that you car batteries die. This is because of a variety of different reasons. Some of these can be dealt easily while others may require a visit to the mechanic. But, what if battery dies while driving because of the faulty alternator? Things may get progressively poorer, until you slowly stop on the side of the road. You might notice that the lights are dimmed and the fan for the cabin ventilation runs slower.

Moreover, when your car battery dies while driving, you don’t have enough power to run the spark plugs, or injectors as the parasitic load from the electrical system drains it further. Finally, the car will stop running right and all the lights on the dash will start blinking. This is when you’ll stop your car on the side of the road and ask for help.

Well, the batteries don’t just die at once, they get sick initially, and then sicker and sicker. But, most of the people don’t notice the signs. Slowly and steadily, the car turns slower when starting, or the headlights dim more when sitting at a light. You must know that a car even dies with a progressively weakening battery and a healthy alternator. This usually happens when the dying car batteries produce a huge load on the alternator thereby trashing it.

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Steps to Take When your Car Battery Died while Driving

So what happens if your battery dies while driving? Here’s what you can do if your car battery died while driving situation:

1. Restart your Car

The best thing you can do in such situations is to restart your car. First, take out the key from the ignition, give your car a few seconds of rest, and start it. If your car gets started, it’s great but if not, you need to head to a repair shop to get the problem fixed.

2. Try to Call for Help

Reasons for car battery died while driving
Problems causing car battery died while driving. Source: Consumer Safety Guide

Mostly people don’t prepare much for this situation, you always need to remember this question in mind: Can a car battery die while driving? And then you will have a specific step to solve this problem for yourself. Firstly, take a deep breath and don’t panic. Try to get help from someone who can tow your car to a repair shop as soon as possible. Also, you can chase some maintenance tips given by the car experts to deal that situation with ease.

3. Make your Emergency Flashers On

Don’t forget to turn on your emergency flashers as your safety is the most important thing. Let other drivers give you and your vehicle some space by putting on your emergency flashers.

So, your car battery died while driving due to many different reasons. It’s important to get it checked either by yourself or by a quality service shop.