How to Reset Maintenance Light Toyota After an Oil Change?

Whenever the computer detects a malfunction or a problem in the engine, it will set off the related service light. But, some car owners do not know how to reset maintenance light Toyota after the service is done.

The maintenance lights in Toyota cars indicate the type of service your car needs. Most Toyota models these days have an electronic computer system that has a connection to the ‘Maintenance Required’ lights on the dashboard along with many other components. 

What Should You Do When the Maintenance Light Comes On?

The maintenance reminder system in a Toyota car does only one thing – giving a warning when it’s time for an oil change. The computer system starts tracking the mileage after every reset and the light will come on after you drive 5,000 miles.

toyota maintenance required light reset
The Maintenance light comes on after 5,000 miles. (Photo: nairaland)

When you change the oil or have the vehicle serviced, you will need to turn off maintenance light Toyota so that it can again start counting for 5,000 miles. 

Toyota recommends not to ignore the light and doing a series of inspections to prevent damages to the engine.

How to Reset Maintenance Light Toyota

You take the service of a Toyota dealership for the oil change, they will reset maintenance light Toyota for yourself. But, using a third-party oil change service may not come with the same privilege.

If you want to know how to reset maintenance light on Toyota to perform the process by yourself, here are the resetting procedures for two popular models – Camry and Prius.

Resetting Maintenance Light on Toyota Camry

You will find the maintenance required light on the dashboard of the Toyota Camry. Labeled as MAINT REQD, the light reminds the driver about the due time of an oil change. 

Remember that the indicator does not have any connection to any sensor or signal any internal malfunction and failure of components.

how to reset maintenance light on toyota camry
Camry’s resetting process is pretty straightforward. (Photo: Cars)

The light works as a mileage counter that warns drivers that the vehicle has crossed more than 5,000 miles since the last reset. If you perform the oil change by yourself, learn how to reset the maintenance light on a Toyota Camry.

Follow these steps to turn off the light manually:

  • Start the car and then press and hold the button that changes the odometer reading.
  • While you are holding the button, turn the ignition key just slightly so that the vehicle starts without kicking the engine off. It will turn the dashboard lights on. The odometer will begin blinking before all of its digits turn to zeros.
  • Release the button and turn off the ignition key. The MAINT REQD light is likely to be off next time you start the car.


How to Reset Prius Maintenance Light

The light does not indicate any serious problem but it’s annoying when it’s turned on and does not go off. It’s actually quite easy to reset Toyota maintenance light on the Prius.

Follow these steps to get it done without any hassle:

  • Press the car’s Power button, not once but twice, with your foot off of the brake.
  • The odometer (ODO) button is located below the multi-function display. Press to stop the ODO reading instead of the Trip A or Trip B. Then, power down the car by pushing the Power button once.
  • Push and hold down the ODO button and push the Power button twice with your foot off the brake. The flashing dashboard light will go off and the reading on the odometer will reset.

This is how you turn off the maintenance light on a Prius. Some models don’t have the ODO/Trip button. In that case, push the km/hour MPH button to get the desired result.

toyota reset maintenance light
It’s actually quite easy to reset maintenance required light Toyota Prius. (Photo: Kelly Toyota of Hamburg)

How to Reset Toyota Maintenance Light In Other Models?

You must be wondering what the resetting process would be for a different Toyota model. Well, it’s nothing complicated.

Follow these few simple steps to reset Toyota maintenance light that is not a Camry or Prius:

  • Put the ignition key into the slot and turn on the car without kicking off the engine.
  • The odometer should read ‘Trip A’. If it does not, press down the ‘Reset’ or ‘Trip’ button until the reading on the odometer displays ‘Trip A’. At the time of pressing the button, turn off the car and then put it back to the ‘ON’. You should not depress the button the whole time.
  • The display of the odometer will show a string of dashes followed by a series of zeros. After that, the display will again show the ‘Trip A’ reading. At this point, you can depress the button.
toyota maintenance light reset
The light will go off after doing the process right. (Photo: Toyota)

This is the process to turn off the MAINT REQD light in a Toyota car. The next time you start the vehicle, the computer system will start counting the miles from zero. 

The light will come on again once the mileage reaches 5,000 miles. Then, you have to change the oil and reset the Toyota maintenance required light by following these steps.

FAQs on Maintenance Light Toyota

  1. Why should the Toyota maintenance light be reset?

It’s a good idea to manually switch off the Toyota maintenance light because it won’t turn off by itself and will take up less space on your dashboard.

This light might get irksome as you navigate the city and may even cause you to question the integrity of your vehicle. 

Similar to the above, if a member of your family uses your Toyota and is unfamiliar with what this light means, he or she may get concerned and believe that the vehicle may be harmed.

  1. Can I drive a Toyota when the maintenance light is on?

Although it is safe to drive with the light on, if you disregard the warning for a longer period of time, the automobile may suffer damage. 

Driving when your automobile needs repair can also exacerbate or worsen engine problems. You could even end up trapped on the road or it could cause an accident.

  1. How long should the maintenance light be on?

A flashing oil light will often become a significant issue after 500 miles or around two weeks of driving. 

However, once that point is reached, conditions can swiftly deteriorate, leading to severe mechanical harm. Make an appointment with a mechanic as soon as you can as a consequence.

  1. What occurs if the maintenance light is not reset?

If the indicator isn’t reset, your automobile can signal that you need an oil change more frequently than it should. 

If your car keeps warning you when your oil needs to be changed, it will be tough to remember when that time is.

  1. Is the Check Engine Light the same as the Maintenance Light?

These alert lights are not alike. The service required light simply indicates that the vehicle needs an oil change or other standard maintenance. 

On the other hand, the check engine light is a sign of problems. 


As you can see, it’s not difficult to reset maintenance light Toyota. Visit a licensed Toyota repair shop in your area, nevertheless, if the method above didn’t work for your Toyota model or you want a professional to reset the light for you.