How to Replace Shift Knob? The Best DIY Method

Driving with wrong gearshift knob that comes off constantly is uncomfortable, frustrating, and dangerous. Why bear this entire struggle when you can fix it in no time? Yes, you read it right. Here is the best DIY method that will lead you to the answer of- how to replace shift knob?

So, let’s start the procedure of shift knob replacement now!

The fastest method for how to replace shift knob

There could be numerous reasons to change your knob. But, the major thing that matters here is the right procedure to replace the knob. To make your driving smoother and safer follow this top-notch procedure anytime.

1. Put on the Emergency brake

Safety comes first! For that reason, it’s preferable to set the emergency brakes first. Of course, nobody would want the car to shift or move accidentally when you are in the middle of the mission how to replace shift knob. So, ensure that you put on the emergency brakes before starting the procedure. After you have put the emergency brake, don’t forget to place the vehicle into neutral. This way you will be able to encompass a better control over the gearshift when you are pursuing the procedure.

How to replace shift knob properly
Replacing shift knob Pusing Emergency brake (Photo Source: elferspot)

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2. Take off the knob

The second step is to take off your old shift knob. Generally, there are two ways to do it. The first way includes an inbuilt threading paced at the bottom of the knob. This threading is located inside the shifter as well. So, to remove the knob, just rotate the knob into a clockwise direction and you are good to go. The second way includes removing the screw that is holding the knob to the shifter. You can even use a wrench to accomplish this task. This is how to remove shift knob in the right ways. Whichever method you prefer, just make sure you don’t leave any loophole behind.

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3. Install the new knob carefully

After successfully removing the knob from the gearshift, it’s time to install the new knob. Depending on your method to remove the knob from the gearshift (that is unscrewing or unthreading), the installation includes the same procedure respectively. To ensure that the knob is placed right, tighten it as much as you can. Now, shift through the gears to ensure that the installation has gone well.

It’s preferable to be sure about the placement of the knob so that it fits better when you have to change the gears. So, follow this amazing how to change shift knob method for a better driving experience.

Explore how to replace shift knob
Procedure of how to replace shift knob (Photo Source: drive)

Watch the below video to know how to install a new shift knob and shift boot in more details:


This procedure is the better and cost-effective way to replace the old knob with the new one. Ensure that you complete this quickest procedure of how to replace shift knob carefully by following each step. In a worst-case scenario, use the maintenance tips or consult the experts.

So, whenever you think about how to remove a shifter knob, follow this procedure now!