How to Remove Drive Shaft- The Complete Guide

The procedure of removing a rear drive shaft varies from car to car, but the steps remains the same. The drive shaft transfers engine power from the transmission to other and onto the driver wheels. The reason for changing the drive shaft can be numerous. Moreover, U Joint bolt causes more problems in case of exceptions than the rear drive shaft, mostly. Now the question here is- How to remove drive shaft? Well, there is no rocket-science to accomplish this task; all it needs is to follow the procedure carefully as your vehicle won’t be able to even move without drive shaft.

So, whenever you see something wrong with the power transmission of the car, don’t make ado to change the drive shaft, at all!

Removing a Rear Drive Shaft – This is how you do it

Let’s get started with the step-by-step procedure of changing the rear drive shaft using a few tools like a hammer and floor jack & jackstays.

1. Mark the Drive Shaft and Remove the Bolts

To know how to remove drive shaft, getting the exact estimation of drive shaft is necessary before beginning the process. Doing so will avoid the driveline vibrations after installing the drive shaft at the right position. After marking the position, remove the shaft by taking out the projection mounting bolts too. Some bolts might have lock tights used to avoid coming loose while working. So, remove every bolt carefully.

Ways to know How to remove drive shaft
How to remove drive shaft in the right manner. Source: Alamy

2. Eliminate the Drive Shaft Flange

Drive shaft flange can be easily removed by gently shocking with a plastic hammer. This will result in the half back of the shaft to be free and make sure that the center support is removed, in order to completely remove the shaft flange. Be careful with the U joint cups if you are dealing with an old car, as the chances of falling them out are high. In such cases, use an electric tape to keep the U joint cups at their places as it is counted in the best maintenance tips.

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3. Take out the Drive Shaft

Now the drive shaft is completely loose and you can take it out of the car. Use both hands and slide the drive shaft gently from the transmission case. There might be a few liquid leakages so it is preferred to arrange a liquid basin or collector by your side. At this point, you can also fix the leaky transmission tail or universal joints as well. Check the U joint for any fault or damage. Move the U joint in all the directions and check its motion and smoothness. Any roughness can lead the replacement of the joint.

How to remove drive shaft accurately
How to remove drive shaft carefully. Source: Internet

4. Reinstall the Drive Shaft and Other Parts

The last step is to reinstall the new drive shaft but, before going further, apply some grease to the yoke to make the shaft work properly. Carefully place the drive shaft to the marked position. Reinstall the flange bolts too. Finish the installing by ensuring that everything is in the marked position. Now, this is how to remove drive shaft carefully and accurately.


This process is not just easy but pursued by following all the precautions as well. So, grab your tools and get started now!