How To Remove Plasti Dip From Rims?

To some people, it seems funny! But the truth is that some of us need to get rid of that Plasti Dip from the Rims. Now some might be thinking why anyone would paint it when that has to be taken off, right? Well, it is for people who want attractive detailing of their car. It, in short, is an easy way to enhance your vehicle and is super easy and quick to apply. When you want perfect detailing for your vehicle, this is the right option for you to choose. But the question is how to remove plasti dip from rims?

So, some people like Plasti Dip a lot on their cars, but some others want to get rid of it. So, the question is how to remove it properly so that the car isn’t affected? What steps should one follow to ensure that everything while removing Plasti Dip is rightly done? Well, while some do it perfectly others just complaint about knee and back pain. So, it depends upon the person how and when he wants to remove the Plasti Dip from his vehicle.

Here’s how you can do it safely!

How To Remove Plastic Dip From Your Rims?

Well, as we said that people could do it safely, here are some quick and easy answer on how to get plasti dip off rims. Check out the steps here:

1. Mask up

As the task is going to involve spraying and cleaning, it is better to cover your face first to avoid any irritations or infections later on. You can take a facemask and cover your face to avoid inhaling any chemicals or debris. This is bound to happen in this process, so it is always recommended to wear a safety mask that can keep your face secure from any sort of chemicals. So, it is always advised to cover up your face, so that nothing hurts you. This is the first step to follow when thinking of how to remove plasti dip from rims.

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2. Use Gum Loosening Sprays

Yes, there are such sprays available in the market. While people think how to remove plasti dip from wheels, others are doing it themselves since forever. These sprays are especially designed to loosen the adhesive that sticks the plastic wrap to the car. So, with these sprays, you can easily remove this wrap, without actually hurting your vehicle.Even experts recommend these sprays to loosen up the adhesives so that the wrap can be taken off easily. You can surely rely on the ones you might have heard of or try different alternative in the market. The choice is totally yours, and something that works for you. Don’t forget to read maintenance tips from experts for more help.

3. Gently Peel Off The Wrap

After you have let the spray sit on the vehicle, it is the time to let it rest. It is perhaps the best way to remove plasti dip from rims. After five minutes, as you will go ahead to see the situation of wrap, you will notice that the wrap is loose now. It will be much easier for you to peel it off, as you wanted. Basically, it depends on the thickness of the Plasti Dip that how easily will it come off. If the wrap is thin, it will peel off easily. Otherwise, it will take time. As most of us believe, the wrap is not so hard to peel off.

how to remove plasti dip from rims- getting it done like pros
You should treat the wrap gently (Photo Source: offerup)

4. Search Edges With Sharp Metallic Object

As we said, peeling the wrap is never a daunting task. If you follow the proper steps, you can do it easily and quickly at home, yourself. Now after the cover has loosened up, it is the right time to take some sharp metallic object and find the edges. This is done to find the edges of the wrap so that it can be pulled off easily. The process will be done from all the sides so that it comes out from all the sides easily. In case, you feel that somewhere the wrap is too thick and you are unable to pull it off; it would be better if you put some more gum loosening spray and let it sit for some more time. Even if this doesn’t help, you can go ahead and repeat the process.

5. Clean The Terrible Leftover

Moving on with the plasti dip rims removal, once you have removed all the wrap from the wheels of the vehicle, the rim will be left with some terrible leftover. Now is the time to get rid of that leftover. Don’t panic, as this can be removed easily. Take a clean rag or cloth, and wipe off all the dirt, dust, and stickiness that you can see on the rims. Now get a bucket full of soapy water. Don’t forget to take the sponge with which you are going to clean it. With the help of both the soapy water and sponge, wash off the gum on the rims. It should be a good cleaning. Now, rinse off the wheel properly with pressurized water. Repeat the process, if needed. Now, let the wheel dry and place it back into the car.

how to remove plasti dip from rims- this is how you do it right
The leftover can be removed with ease (Photo Source: intellenthq)

The Crux

This was perhaps the fastest way to remove plasti dip. Why don’t you give this method a try at your home and see how it works for you? Sure, this is going to be time-consuming in the beginning, but as you practice, it will look much easier to you than you think. So, why not stop thinking about how to remove plasti dip from rims, and follow these steps to get the process done right. It is one of the quickest, simplest, and tested methods to remove plasti dip from rims of the wheels of your car. Go ahead and try it now!