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How To Remove Dealer Sticker From Car? True Answer

Those dealership stickers always come fastened with your car. It is a wise way for the car dealer to advertise; however, it can be irritating to a car’s owner at the same time. Therefore, if thoughts of removal process often cross your mind, it is time to execute them. Get to know the steps on how to remove dealer sticker from car effortlessly.

How To Remove Dealer Sticker From Car – Read Here

Peeling the label straight is not the solution and so using a blow dryer can be the best way. Get the dryer and heat the sticker for a minute or two. Using a razor blade, take the sticker off from the corners.

The plastic blade should be of plastic if you do not want any scratches. If the sticker does not seem to peel off easily, heat it a bit more and try again. This is how to remove dealer sticker from car, and once you are done, it is time to remove that adhesive.

Heating it up is the key to remove (Photo Source: pxhere)

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There are so many over-the-counter solutions for this, or you can order online. Ensure its working before you proceed with payment as it should be strong enough to remove the adhesive. In addition, it should not take off any paint from the vehicle’s surface.

Sometimes, even after applying the adhesive remover, a thin coat of it remains on the surface. In this case, you can take that plastic blade again and gently try to scrap that layer off. You should be very careful here this time too.

The Decals Removal Process

You may use decals on your vehicles to give them an extraordinary look. However, you may also think to replace them with the new ones. There may also be decals that come with the purchase of the car. Well, whatever the case is, you can remove dealer decals with the same tactic except for the peeling part. You would not be able to peel off the decal because it needs resorting as you can see in the Maintenance Tips section.

Get the hair dryer and heat the decal’s surface. You can also use a heat gun, but since hair dryer is widely available, you can use the idea. Once the surface seems heated enough, take the plastic blade and keep it under the decal and slide off. Heat makes the adhesive soft that makes the sliding process easy. Be gentle, and you will not leave any scratches on the surface.

The remaining adhesive can be removed using an adhesive remover. Soak the residue by applying the solution and wait a minute. Rub it off with a clean cloth and you are done learning how to remove dealer decal.

We got some easy steps just for you to remove decals (Photo Source: pixabay)


Those who cannot avail the plastic blade can use any plastic card like a scrap debit or credit card. As you remove the sticker or decal off, use heat on the adhesive if it seems troublesome to remove. This was all about how to remove dealer sticker from car; finish the task with an adhesive remover.

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