How To Remove A Wheel Stuck On Car – Learn Here

The very process of changing the car tire is frustrating and challenging enough for many. However, when the wheel refuses to come off, as it is stuck, it is a nightmare for every car owner. The process becomes an infuriating experience, not to forget even more challenging. In case, you are changing a tire by yourself; it is more annoying when the tire is stuck, which in most cases would lead you to call for roadside assistance to handle the issue. Thus, it leaves many wondering as to how to remove a wheel stuck on car without much hassle.

How To Remove A Wheel Stuck On Car

For those asking how to remove a stuck tire, in case, you expose a particular area to the elements for a longer time; then these can get inside the aluminum alloy rims and the hub where they cause erosion. The elements then stick the wheel to the center, which makes it harder to replace the tire.

In the majority of cases, the car tire remains stuck due to the buildup of corrosion due to the wheel being in the place for a longer time. The corrosion between the motor and mounting surface of the hub gets sticky, which is a layer of glue, which can adhere the wheel to the center. You need to understand that corrosion can affect both aluminum and steel wheels on a vehicle.

You can go online to find the best maintenance tips to take care of your car tire. Let us now understand how you can easily remove a stuck car tire.

1. Loosen The Nuts And Drive

In case you are near a car service station or garage, then you can use a simple trick to remove a wheel stuck on car. You can use a floor jack to lift the vehicle, then unbolt the nuts and place them back, but do not tighten them. Lower the car and drive some distance, both forward and backward. We recommend you follow the same steps on the ground level. It will loosen the wheel enough for you to remove it. Ensure is that while driving the car, the nuts should not be too loose that they fall off.

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We recommend you follow the same steps on the ground level (Photo Source: youtube)

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2. Spray Rust Penetrant

In case you have aluminum or steel wheels, the chances of rust developing on the hub are always high. We recommend you utilize a rust removal lubricant to loosen the wheel. You need to remove the wheel cap and spray the wheel studs. Once done spraying the studs, spray it in the area where the wheel intersects with center hub. Make sure to give at least 15 minutes, and then rotate the wheel. It is another useful tip to help you with how to remove a stuck tire question.

3. Visit An Expert

If the car tire is still stuck in the same position even after following the two tips mentioned above, it is time to ask an expert. Do not try to hit the nuts and bolts with a hammer, as it will destroy them.

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Do not try to hit the nuts and bolts with a hammer (Photo Source: performancetoyotapa)


If you are facing a wheel stuck on car issue, then make sure to follow the tips given above to resolve the issue on time.