How to Properly Use The Car Jack Stands

Car jack stands are actually quite familiar with a lot of people, not just car owners. To make it easier to understand, the car jack stand helps drivers fix their dear vehicles. So what is it? how it is capable of completing such a task? and how to use a car jack? Let’s jump in right away!

The Definition of Car Jack Stands

In order to know how to use a car jack, we need to know what this tool is. The car jack stand is by far one of the most recognizable tools of car mechanics. It is a stand that drivers can use to adjust the height. The aim of the car jack stand is to help mechanics fix all the problems underneath the chassis. And in order to reach the undercarriage, automobile mechanics use the jack stand to support the car.  

How to Properly Use the Car Jack Stands

Now we all acknowledge what the car jack stands really are, it is time for the second yet essential step: Understanding how to use a car jack. Most new car owners do not know how to properly control the jack, so remember to read this 101 guideline carefully and re-try after:

Lifting the Automobile

Park The Car in a Flat Surface

This is obvious. We cannot perform any task while the vehicle is still in motion. However, what we want to focus on here is the “flat surface” part. In order to lift the automobile, car owners need to prevent jacking the car in a bumpy place. Drivers also want to avoid places covered in gravel or near heavy traffic. Our suggestion is a paved, clean place, with a flat, level surface like a flat driveway or garage. Also, you need to make sure both sides of the car are level so that the jack stand cannot slip out from underneath. 

Use the Parking Brake of the Car

Now it is time to activate the parking brake of your vehicle. We need to make sure the car is not moving backwards or forwards while we jack it. So car owners must find the lever in the automobile which controls the parking brake and pull it.

Once the brake is used, you need to double check the area underneath your car when placing the floor jack. Our car experts recommend using hydraulic floor jack instead of the scissor jack since it is the safest way to lift your car. The reason for this is that the scissor jacks are unstable and they are only meant for emergency cases. 

Car garage
Make sure the car is stable (Source: Pixabay)

After locating the area, mechanics might want to slide the floor jack underneath to the point that the arm is right at a lift point or at the car’s frame.

Raise the Vehicle

Now we are all done with the setting in order to answer the question of how to use a car jack, time to raise the car. We need to crank the handle up in order to lift it off, and vice versa. We want the tire’s car to be around 5 to 7cm off the ground since this is the right height to fix any problem at the chassis. Not to mention, any higher might create instability on the jack.

Placing the Jack Stand

Set the Jack stand

In order to know how to use a car jack, we have prepared all the required settings. So it is time to set it. Before that, car owners must check the car weight to make sure the jack stands can support that amount of weight. 

The right place to set this car tool is underneath the pinch points of the cars, which are located on the car’s sides behind the front tires or in front of the rear tires. If your car does not have pinch points, the automobile’s frame is also a suitable place to set the jack stands. Car owners can slide the jack stand from every side of the automobile. Remember to line up the divot on the jack stand, along with the pinch point’s part extending down. 

Low the Vehicle Onto the Jack Stand

At this point, we assume that the jack stand is right underneath the chassis. Time to adjust the jack stand’s height. Drivers can lift the top up until it touches the pinch points. After that, you must put the safety pin attached to the stand in order for it to stabilize when the car is placed on. We don’t want the car to fall on top of you while you are underneath it. 

how to use a car jack
The jack stand is crucial in fixing vehicle (Source: pixibay)

Now the safety pin is set, you can slowly turn the lever on the floor jack to lower the vehicle back down and you can safely work underneath it. 

Also, we also provide two small tips: One is to keep the jack in there for security if you have room. And the other is to push the car slightly before doing anything with the checking purpose. 

Life your Automobile completely Off the Ground

Now we can continue jacking up the car on each side, along with jack stands right under the pinch points. Car owners need to make sure to line up the stands straight across so the car is sturdy. Now everything is set and you can safely work underneath. 

Taking the Jack Stand Off

Removing the Stands

When you have finished the task of fixing your automobiles, you can roll the floor jack back underneath. The perfect position is in line with the lift point you used. Now, car owner should crank the lever up and down in order to life the vehicle up before pulling out the jack stand. 


Pull the Jack Stand Out From The Side

It is now possible to pull the jack stand out from the side, so reach right down the car and slide them out. And remember that you must not crawl underneath the car from the back or the front of the car! The reason for this is that they are being supported by the jack that we are trying to remove. 

Lower the Car

Last but not least, car owners turn the lever on your floor jack counterclockwise with the purpose of lowering your car until the tires are back on the ground. Then roll the jack out. 

Last but certainly not least, drivers can continue to lift the vehicle as well as remove the stands until you have got them all. 


Now that we know how to use a car jack, we hope all car owners understand how value this car tool is. Not only it is amazingly helpful for mechanics when installing, car jack helps drivers solve all the unexpected issues in no time.