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How To Open Prius Door With Dead Battery

The worst-case scenario is when you are sitting in your sophisticated Toyota Prius, press the button for the car door and nothing happens. It becomes even more infuriating when you come to know that the trunk lid of the car does not open as it is battery operated, and the battery is dead. It can lead to a significant issue of how to open Prius door with dead battery.

How To Open Prius Door With Dead Battery

With the battery dead, and you trapped inside the car, the only scenario is you waiting in the middle of the road for a friend coming to help you out. Besides, you have learned by now that getting inside the trunk without the rear door opening is not an easy task.

1. Flip Down The Rear Seats

In order to know how to open Prius door with dead battery, you would need access to the trunk of the car. It is here that having children comes in handy as they can easily fit between the narrow opening between the top of the back seats, and the roof of the car. Tell them to press the button and pull down the rear seats; they can now go into the trunk and look for the door lever to get out.

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2. Pull The Carpet For The Tool Box

If you are among those who does not store anything in the car trunk, then you are on the right side. However, if you are not, then empty everything, and pull back the carpet to expose the toolbox. It is one of the essential maintenance tips to help you make the most of your Toyota Prius. Remember, you need to look for a small fabric tab near the rear door.

3. Pull Back The Tool Box Lid

Now, pull the fabric tab to open the toolbox lid. It will open quickly, but if it does not, then do not stress as it is just locked. You will notice two locks on the left and the right side of the tab. To unlock the toolbox, the arrows should point to their respective sides, and if they look to your rear door, then they are not the answer to how to open Prius door with dead battery issue.

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4. Remove The Cover

Now, you will need to remove the cover. The toolbox lining has a small plastic cover, which protects access to the Door Lever. It is easy to pry off; we recommend that you use a screwdriver, and pry the lid off. Do not use a rag to protect it as it is nothing more than a plastic piece kept to preserve access to the door lever.

5. Pull The Door Lever

You are going to look for the lever for the final step. It is located inside the rear door and is below the eye level. We recommend that you reach two fingers into the black abyss, once you get your hands on the lever, pull it towards you. The car trunk would open, and you can push it up and get out.

how to open prius door with dead battery
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Thus, if you are looking for answer to how to open Prius door with dead battery, then follow these guidelines to get out without hassle.

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