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How To Jump 3 Wire AC Pressure Switch Easily? Simple Steps

A finely running car AC helps drive on hot summer days. It becomes difficult to sit in an automobile with a bad or faulty AC system. One might face trouble while turning the ON due to a faulty switch. The AC runs perfectly, but you cannot control it with the button. AC systems in vehicles run with a pressure switch. You might have to do some repairs by yourself to make it run correctly again. You can jump three-wire AC pressure switch to control the AC system as well. One might wonder how to jump 3 wire ac pressure switch by own.

Let us find the reasons behind bad AC and the repairing process.

How To Jump 3 Wire Ac Pressure Switch In Simple Steps

Repairing an AC system on your own is not that easy as it may sound. You might require proper equipment to open and close the things perfectly. Appropriate knowledge matters a lot while doing the repairs. It is essential to follow the steps properly while performing the application. A little mistake can result in damaging the entire AC system. You might get in trouble if the damage reaches other essential engine systems.

Let us talk about the steps that you should follow to treat the AC correctly.

1. Reset PCM Fuse

You have to get rid of the PCM fuse to start the repairing procedure. Power-train Control Module is the real name of PCM fuse. It combines Engine Control Unit with Transmission Control Unit. One must pull the fuse out before starting the application. It is the first step to follow when you ask how to jump 3 wire ac pressure switch.

 how to jump 3 wire ac pressure switch
Find the fuse to reset as soon as possible

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2. Jump AC Relay

Connect the wires according to the numbers printed on it. You have to bypass 3 wire ac pressure switch from B1 to B4 to power up the compressor clutch. The connection sends 0-5 volts of pressure to the PCM fuse. According to expert maintenance tips, it is essential to follow the previous readings in mind. You can jump any of the three wires to keep the compressor in good condition.

3. Connect The Charging Connectors

It is essential to remove power before starting the process. You can do this by resetting the PCM switch. You might end up in damaging the compressor if you connect the switch wires with power ON. It is imperative to fill up the refrigerant before beginning the charging process. You might have to wait until the coolant fills and charging completes.

4. Open Gas Valves

You can open the gas valves of the compressor once the charging completes. Wait until the compressor runs well as per the treatment. Some people damage the AC compressor in a hurry. Check the AC temperatures on time to make sure everything is perfect. Close the valves and enjoy the cold air sitting in the car cabin.

how to jump 3 wire ac pressure switch
Remember to check the valve then the AC temperatures

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That is all! These steps assist in repairing the AC issue. Hope you have the answer for how to jump 3 wire ac pressure switch now.

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