Disconnect Your Car’s Battery: The Safe Method

The need for disconnecting your car’s battery may appear in several cases. It can be due to some parts of the engine that you need to replace or if your car’s battery is completely dead and you need a new battery instead. Well, whatever the reason is, it is always better to learn to replace or disconnect your car’s battery.

Going DIY also saves you huge bucks while leaving you the option to go for the professional repair anytime. Here we bring you easy and safe instructions on the same. Let’s read-

How To Disconnect Your Car’s Battery Easily And Safely?

Your battery is responsible for keeping your engine on or making the ignition work. A dead battery or an irresponsive one won’t do any good. To make your car work quickly, a well working battery should be there.

1. Access The Location Of The Battery

It is always wise to have basic knowledge about your car so you can work under the hood rightly. We are guessing that you have some experience in repairing the engine. The first step is about locating your battery, and then you can disconnect your car’s battery. Get your manual if you are confused and see where it says the battery to be. The manual also tells you how to do a safe battery replacement and other considerations.

disconnect your car’s battery- like this
The first step is about locating your battery (Photo Source: ndla)

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2. Identify Positive And Negative Wires

Every batter consists of positive and negative terminals. So, in the next step, you need to identify these terminals and take the wires off.  A positive terminal always has a plus + sign, and the negative one comes with a minus – sign.

3. Take The Battery Cables Off

You should have the right wrench to loosen the bolt and take the wire off. Find out which wrench fits perfectly rotate the bolt in the right direction to take off the clamp. In most cases, a 10-millimeter open-end wrench works well to disconnect the cables; you can also borrow from your friend or neighbor.

The guide to disconnect your car’s battery
You should have the right wrench to loosen the bolt and take the wire off (Photo Source: pixabay)

Once you have found out the right tools, it is time to unbolt the negative cable first and then the positive cable. Make sure the ignition is off, and your hands and eyes are protected.

The wrench should touch both negative and positive terminals simultaneously if you don’t want to take any chance with sparking. Read more Maintenance Tips and fix battery issues.

4. Get The Battery Out

Once you have unfastened both clamps, it is time to take the battery out. In some cases, you can find the battery attached with an additional clamp to its tray. In this case, you need to loosen this clamp too that can be done using a socket wrench. You are free to remove the battery from its place. Either you can replace it with a new battery or perform the supposed chores and install it again.

disconnect your car’s battery- right way
Once you have unfastened both clamps, it is time to take the battery out (Photo Source: championbattery)


If you want to disconnect your car’s battery to save the power for later, you should take the negative cable off. This way, it will hold its power for the next six month. Use zip ties, so it does not touch any of the terminals accidentally.