How to Get Skunk Smell Out of Car?

Skunks are notorious for their foul odor. Since they are among the most common road kill victims, it is highly likely to smell skunk odor from cars. In case your car is sprayed by a skunk, do you know what to do? Well, when you have the skunk smell in your car, the first thing you search is how to get skunk smell out of car.   The good news is that many people face the challenge, and there is an easy-peasy solution to get rid of the putrid smell.

Easy to Follow Steps on How to Get Skunk Smell Out of Car

Removing the foul odor from the car can be challenging if you do not know the right approach. Fortunately, getting rid of this overpowering smell is both possible and easy. With the right products and actions, you can eliminate this problem effectively.

Step 1: Gather the Essentials

You will be required to gather the essential things in the process of learning how to get skunk smell out of car. A skunk’s odor is among the worst smells. So, the things you will need to be armed with include a cloth, bowl, plastic container, charcoal, dish liquid, baking soda, water hose, and hydrogen peroxide.

Considering how to get skunk smell out of car is important.
Car cleaning is necessary to get rid of the putrid smell.(Photo Source: Pixabay)

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Step 2: Begin with the Exterior

If your car smells up your world, you probably want to eliminate the Skunk gunk right off.   Regular soaps and water ingredients won’t be useful in this task. Therefore, make a mixture of liquid dish detergent and distilled vinegar. Use it to clean the undercarriage and tires of the car.

Get some water to rinse it and dry with a towel. Repeating the vinegar wash becomes essential in case the car smell remains even after one hour of washing the car. Charcoal is known for absorbing the stretch, so put charcoal in a trap, and use it under the car.

A Word of Advice: Before proceeding to the interior, remember that a carpet color might get fade due to hydrogen peroxide. As per expert maintenance tips, testing a small amount in an area helps keep such trouble at bay.

Step 3: Interior

A whiff of a mysteriously pungent odor can be frustrating, especially when it is from your car. Whenever a skunk attacks a car with foul and fetid liquid, car cleaning becomes necessary to get rid of the skunk smell in car. Dip the clean cloth in the mixture of dish liquid, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

Use the clean cloth to scrub the interior. Make sure not to soak the upholstery or carpets. Get some water to clean the upholstery and carpets. Let it dry or use a cloth or cleaning machine for this process. This remedy will solve the problem and give you an olfactory relief. 

skunk smell in car
Pungent odor from car is a horrible experience.(Photo Source: wallpaperflare)


Skunks may look cute and fuzzy, but they can leave an overpowering and long-lasting odor.  It is a horrible experience when a skunk sprays your car. Hopefully, the above tips will help you to how to get skunk smell out of car. So, don’t procrastinate until you feel as though you are suffocating from the pungent odor. Take the necessary steps today!