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How To Get Rid Of Rust On Car: Save It From The Junkyard!

Keeping rust away from any iron-based material is quite impossible. Automobiles also catch rust despite having advanced coatings and alloys. Vehicles that stay idle in garages for a long time are under greater risks. However, this does not mean that you cannot have a collection or keep the regular car idle for months. But how to get rid of rust on car once it sets in? Well, steel will always succumb to rust in a natural environment, but you can still save your car from the doom.

What Is Rust?

Before knowing how to remove rust from car, you should know what this material is. When iron interacts with the oxygen in the air, a chemical reaction occurs and rust forms.

how to remove rust from car
Rust is highly corrosive.


Rust is extremely corrosive and can spread in no time. It forms when the metal parts of a vehicle are exposed to air and saltwater and winter road treatments quicken this process.

How To Get Rid Of Rust On Car

A bubble in the paint. A brown smudge on the fender. Soaked floors after driving in rain or hitting a puddle. All these menacing signs indicate one thing—rust. Often the otherwise-good cars go to the junkyard because of rust corrosion.

So, how to get rid of rust on car before it is too late? Follow these steps:

1. Removing Surface Rust

Due to mechanical or UV damage, rust develops on the surface in the form of paint breakdown. It’s not a dangerous issue as the damage may stop on its own depending on the thickness of the metal and allow composition. However, you still should not take a chance and fix this as soon as possible.

Rub the spot with sandpaper or an abrasive wheel until cleaning the rust, making the metal part visible. Then, apply primer, paint, and clear coat. Give the finishing touch with buffing.

2. Fixing The Scale

If you don’t deal with the rust when it is on the surface, it will cut through and start damaging the metal base. You have to use a wire brush to remove the flakes, a grinding wheel to clear the rest of the rust, and sandpaper to smooth the surface. After that, apply the primer, paint, and clear coat one after another.

3. How To Fix Rust Penetration

If you are not careful, the rust will eventually eat up the metal base and leave holes. The repair will take more time and money when this happens. Either cut the affected segment and weld a patch panel or replace the entire damaged part. Only a professional mechanic should do this task given the complexity of the repair and its importance to maintain the vehicle’s structural integrity.

how to get rid of rust on car
Don’t let the rust settle in

These are the most straightforward ways regarding how to get rid of rust on car. Remember to do the repair job on a day having good weather. Do it in the garage or a shaded place because direct sunlight can deteriorate the paint job. The fixing may take an entire day and even more for the paint and primer to dry out.